Elsie’s Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Hi there! I finally took the plunge and decided to do a true capsule wardrobe this fall. My primary motivation for doing so was to do my shopping all at once and then take a shopping break for three whole months. First, I’ll share all the pieces I chose (a lot of these I already owned), and then at the end of the post I’ll share more about my goals for doing this challenge!

First up … tops!

Here are the links: 1. Smiley Sweatshirt 2. Stripe Crewneck 3. Cropped Sweater (similar) 4. Cold Shoulder Top 5. Gingham Ruffle Blouse 6. Black Turtleneck 7. Stripe Crewneck 8. Rosemary’s Baby Tee

Notes: I would say tops are the area where I struggled the most and am still not sure if I did it right. I do have some anxiety limiting them this much, but hey, this is an experiment. So whatever!

Bottoms! I have a few more pairs of jeans than are pictured here, including my old favorite J Brand bell bottoms and some ripped jeans. Also not pictured, a past season black and white plaid skirt from Madewell.

Links: 1. Denim Skirt 2. High-Rise Skinny Jeans 3. Basic Black Skinny Jeans 4. Scalloped Denim Skirt

Notes: I feel pretty confident about my selections here. These are all basics that I know I will reach for over and over (a lot of them are purchases from last year).

You all know I love my jumpsuits.

Links: 1. Overalls 2. Dots Jumpsuit 3. Floral Tile Jumpsuit 4. Bell Bottom Overalls 5. Red Jumpsuit (I have this in white too and love it!) 6. Corduroy Dress

Notes: These are a real staple for me. I wear them all the time and they make getting dressed so easy! A few of these are new and some are ones I’ve had and loved for a while.

Dresses! Typically I have way more dresses, but lately I just haven’t been finding as many. I think it’s just the styles that are currently in stores. PLEASE GOD, let belts come back in style! I’m so done with oversized dresses.

Links: 1. Embroidered Dress 2. Denim Dress 3. Navy Dress 4. Gingham Dress

Notes: I have a bunch of vintage dresses on hand as well. But since I will probably only wear each one once, I didn’t count those. These are my go-to everyday dresses. I have a couple more that aren’t pictured here because they are sold out, but this gives you a pretty good idea. Sticking with those autumn vibes!

Outerwear. I am going to skip the work of shopping for a new coat unless something crazy amazing comes along. I would like to get a leather bomber jacket, but it has to be perfect, so I will be patient.

Included here is my leopard coat from last year, the denim jacket I already wear every day, a fuzzy coat and a hoodie in my favorite color for this season.

Links: 1. Leopard Coat 2. Denim Jacket 3. Fuzzy Coat (and a bargain version) 4. Hoodie

Shoes! My favorite.

Links: 1. The most flattering mules ever 2. Leather Ankle Boots 3. Cute slip-ons 4. Short Hunter Boots (I find these much more flattering and comfortable than the tall ones) 5. Yellow Sneakers 6. My go-to sandals (because even if it’s technically almost fall, it’s still hot out).

Notes: I had a hard time narrowing down what shoes I need. I am curious to see how this plays out and whether I’m happy with only six options or constantly raiding the rest of my stash.

In my bedroom, I have a double closet. So what I did was I moved all the rest of my stuff to the other closet, and I’m planning to just keep that door shut and see how it feels to wear outfits from just this section. I honestly have no idea if I will love this experience or hate it!

In the past, I have considered myself an adventurous dresser and shopping a hobby. But currently, I don’t think I really want shopping to be a hobby in my life. I just feel like I have so many other things I want to be focused on. Plus since I started shopping for Nova, I don’t really feel as much desire to shop for myself. Also, we are saving up (starting to save for our second adoption now!) and constantly shopping slows that down.

Maybe it’s just a phase, but currently I am open to a more simple way of dressing.

In addition to what you see here, I have lots of accessories to add some element of fun.

To me, this closet photo looks sort of EMPTY. So I am definitely a little nervous. I don’t want to feel like I am wearing the same things all the time.

What I am HOPING is that I’ll feel more freed up to focus on other things. I love fashion, I really do! But since we aren’t fashion blogging here anymore, I don’t feel like I need many new things all the time.

One of the reasons Emma and I decided to stop doing Sister Style was that we felt like we had to buy clothes our blog readers would like. And we felt pressure to not be boring. Towards the end, I was getting a lot of negative feedback about how boring my outfits were. But I was happy and so, yeah, I guess it feels good to have permission to be kind of boring now. 🙂 In this season of life, I really need to simplify as much as I can.

I have wanted to do this for years, but it seemed impossible to me. I will update you all in December as to how this experiment goes!!!!

If you are interested in trying a capsule wardrobe, read this blog post. I also highly recommend The Curated Closet. It changed my shopping habits completely. It’s SO good.

Thanks for reading! Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson.

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