Meet Nova Winter!

Our hearts so full as we share news that we’ve been matched with our first daughter, Nova Winter Larson. I shared the (long) story of how we were matched here as well as an informative post about albinism here.

A lot of you have asked about her name! As you may remember, we were previously planning to call her Winter Bloom, but after “meeting” our girl we decided it wasn’t the perfect fit. So for 10 days, we went back and forth (pretty much 24/7) with name ideas. We had a lot of pretty names on our list, but we wanted to give her a name that was stronger—maybe with a little edge? (Haha! We can tell she’s a cool baby—this is obvious, right?)

So after “sleeping on” so many names and then deciding they weren’t right, I found “Nova” through googling lists of “celestial baby names.” It’s kind of a special connection for us because Jeremy made his decision to adopt her official just before the solar eclipse.

And, I don’t know, she just looks like a Nova to us. Sometimes you just know!

Jeremy and I are doing paperwork like crazy right now. There is a lot of immigration stuff, we have to get visas … there are a lot of little steps between getting matched and when we can schedule travel. Our agency is estimating we’ll go to China in December. Then, when we get home, Nova will already be a U.S. citizen!

I’m planning to decorate our house like a freaking WINTER WONDERLAND before we go. Talk about magic!!! Can you EVEN imagine coming home to the holidays??? I still can’t.

Well, thank you so much for sharing our joy! We feel so incredibly lucky.

Thank you for the love and endless support! Elsie

PS …

Now that we know our little gal’s age, I can finally do a little shopping. What are some of your favorite kiddo shops??? I always love a good deal, but I’m especially curious for small businesses I can support. This green dress is from my friend Amy’s shop, June & January. xx!

PS. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about Nova or our adoption here!

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Elsie and Jeremy Larson.

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