Almond Tree Cultivars: What Are The Best Varieties Of Almond

By Teo Spengler If you are planting almond trees, you will have to select among many different almond trees and almond tree cultivars. Your choice will have to take into account a variety of factors. Read on for information about types of almond trees. Varieties of Almond For those growing almond tree varieties commercially, the considerations for selecting trees include the size and quality of the nut harvest. As a home gardener, you may be more interested in obtaining easy-care almond tree cultivars that will thrive in your climate. Although a few self-fertile varieties of almonds are available, they are not problem free. You are better off selecting compatible combinations of almond tree cultivars than individual trees. If you do research about different almond tree varieties, you’ll find dozens of types of almond trees available. They differ in aspects that are important to a gardener: time of bloom, mature size,