Bay Tree Leaf Drop: Why Is My Bay Losing Leaves

By Kristi Waterworth Whether it’s trained to be a topiary, a lollipop or left to grow into a wild and hairy bush, bay laurel is one of the most impressive looking among the culinary herbs. Although it’s pretty sturdy, once in a while you may run into trouble with dropping leaves. Read on to learn about bay trees dropping leaves. Reasons for Bay Tree Leaf Drop When it comes to culinary herbs, there are none so noble or tidy as the bay laurel. This stately Mediterranean native doesn’t need a lot to keep it happy. It’ll do well planted in a large pot or in the ground, so long as it’s protected from frost. In fact, many growers have no problems with their bay trees for years, then suddenly they discover their bay tree leaves falling off! There are a few common causes for a bay tree dropping leaves, so