Cranberry Propagation Tips: How To Propagate Cranberries In The Garden

By Amy Grant After you’ve pushed your chair back with a contented sigh following a Thanksgiving feast of turkey and cranberry sauce, have you ever wondered how to propagate cranberries? Okay, maybe it’s just me that’s drifting with satiated musings regarding propagating cranberries after the glut of the holiday dinner, but really, how do cranberry plants reproduce? If you, too, are interested in cranberry propagation, read on to find out useful information on reproducing cranberries. How Do Cranberry Plants Reproduce? Cranberries do, of course, have seeds, but sowing seeds isn’t the usual method for cranberry propagation. Usually, cuttings or seedlings are used for reproducing cranberries. That isn’t to be said that propagating via seed can’t be done. Sowing cranberries from seed just requires patience and perseverance, as they can take anywhere from three weeks to several months to germinate. How to Propagate Cranberries If you want to propagate cranberries using