Growing Hellebore In Containers – How To Care For Hellebores In A Pot

By Mary Ellen Ellis Hellebore is a lovely and unique flowering perennial that adds blooms and color to gardens in early spring, or depending on the climate, in late winter. More often used in beds, potted hellebores can also be a nice addition to patios and indoor areas. Can You Grow a Hellebore in a Container? Hellebore plants are prized for their unusual and pretty flowers, but also because the blooms come out in winter or early spring. These are great plants for four-season gardens and if you need something to add winter color to your beds. But what about hellebore in containers? You absolutely can grow these plants in containers, but there are some important things to keep in mind in order to help them thrive in pots. How to Care for Hellebores in a Pot You may see container grown hellebore around Christmas time when it is sold