Office Plant Propagation: Tips For Propagating Common Office Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Propagating plants in the office is no different than propagating houseplants, and simply involves enabling the newly propagated plant to develop roots so it can live on its own. Most office plant propagation is surprisingly easy. Read on and we’ll tell you the basics of how to propagate plants for the office. How to Propagate Office Plants There are several different methods of propagating plants in the office, and the best technique depends on the growth characteristics of the plant. Here are a few tips on propagating common office plants: Division Division is the simplest propagation technique, and works beautifully for plants that produce offsets. In general, the plant is removed from the pot and a small section, which must have several healthy roots, is gently separated from the main plant. The main plant is returned to the pot and the