Potted Cranberry Plants – Tips On Growing Cranberries In Containers

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Once purely decorative, container gardens are now pulling double duty, designed to be both aesthetic and functional. Dwarf fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and berry producing plants like cranberries are now being added to multi-functional container designs. You may be thinking: hold on a minute, potted cranberry plants? Don’t cranberries grow in large bogs? Can you grow cranberries in a pot? Let’s learn more about growing cranberries in containers. Can You Grow Cranberries in a Pot? Not every gardener has the luxury of a huge yard to fill with plants. With so many amazing plants on the market these days, even those who do have large gardens may eventually run out of space. Lack of gardening space oftentimes leads to gardeners to try their hand at container gardening. In days of old, container plantings were generally the standard design which included a spike for height, a