What Is Blue Yucca: How To Grow Blue Yucca Plants

By Bonnie L. Grant If you have ever been to the Chihuahua Desert, you would have noticed the blue yucca. What is blue yucca? The plant is a sharp leaved wonder with a 12 foot height (3.66 m.) and powder blue tone. Yucca plants are succulents uniquely suited to hot, dry climates where moisture is scarce. They also produce amazing flowers set in clusters along a tall stalk. Read on for more blue yucca info including planting zones, care and other items of interest. What is Blue Yucca? Yuccas are classic examples of desert flora. They have spiked, slender leaves which can be painful if not approached with caution. Blue yucca is an especially attractive example of the form due to its colorful leaves. Compared to many plants, blue yucca care is a breeze, provided the plants are installed in correct soil conditions and sun exposure. Once plants establish, very