Tips for updating a kitchen

kitchen by Easy Life Kitchens

Last updated on 24 May 2017

If you’re thinking of refurbishing your kitchen cabinets, Sean King of EasyLife Kitchens in Fourways shares these clever tips

  • The degree of refurbishment will depend on the quality of the existing carcasses. Check these thoroughly before you start. Water damage is often hidden from sight.
  • Never compromise on quality when you’re replacing hinges and runners. Drawers and cupboards are in constant use, so insist on products that have a lifetime guarantee. Also, clip-on hinges are best as they have integrated screws that can’t fall off.
  • Swap some of the cupboards with drawers so that items at the back are easier to reach. Or fit drawers in existing cabinets.
  • If you’re after a modern look, cupboards with pull-up doors will create a more linear effect.

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