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There is no better way to start your week than with the friendly faces and kind words of TSA employees.

Yeah, not so much.

Thankfully, I am now through the gates of JFK Airport security (Hell’s annex), settled into the lounge and enjoying a few minutes of uninterrupted free WiFi before boarding my flight back to Cleveland. My NYC visit was short and very sweet, as we got to celebrate my future sister-in-law at a bridal shower that my mom and I hosted. In addition to the ridiculously delicious pasta at L’ARTUSI, the true VIP of this weekend was definitely IT COSMETICS SUPERHERO LINER.

I picked up this product on a whim a few weeks ago when I got fed up with my current pencil liner. Between the constant sharpening, unavoidable smudging and difficult application, I knew it was time to retire my traditional eyeliner and start looking for an alternative. As a fan of IT COSMETICS in the past — their CC CREAM and BYE-BYE UNDEREYE CONCEALER have achieved beauty holy grail status in my book — I figured the hybrid liquid/pen liner was a good solution.

Let me just say, it has not disappointed.

I am an eyeliner novice. I’m terrible at drawing a straight line, and won’t even attempt a cat eye without a dozen q-tips and a vat of eye makeup remover within arms length. My accuracy and precision can possibly rival that of a drunk toddler. Yet, when it comes to applying my SUPERHERO LINER, I’m suddenly Vincent Van Gogh. The color glides on smoothly and evenly and makes the actual task of lining my eyes a no-fuss 1 minute exercise rather than 30 minutes of cursing at the mirror. You can create the thinnest of lines, or a bold cat-eye with a swipe of the product. I actually tight line my lashes with the smallest of dots that fill in any spaces between the individual lash hairs, making my natural lash line look instantly thicker and fuller.

In addition, once the color is applied it actually stays where it’s supposed to. Isn’t it the worst when you come home at the end of the day/night and see that your makeup has migrated across your face and you look like a distant cousin of Pennywise the clown?

Well, THIS LINER will not budge.


The only time I am able to remove my eyeliner is with a swipe of proper MAKEUP REMOVER. No pulling or tugging required.  Just ask my mom. As we were getting ready for the bridal shower brunch, she was lamenting how much she hated eyeliner. I threw her my SUPERHERO LINER and instantly she noticed how easily she was able to apply her eye makeup. Equally as impressive, was the fact that her eye makeup remained flawless until we washed our faces at the end of a very long day.

So, that’s that.

I thought you guys might want to know about this “little eyeliner that could” and check it out for yourselves! You can shop my SUPERHERO, as well some of my other favorite beauty and makeup finds below!

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It Cosmetics Superhero Liner


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