4 Beauty Resolutions Worth Making

Around this time of year, we all start making grand plans to join a gym, eliminate sugar and travel to new places. All well and good, but not so easy to stick to. Skincare resolutions, on the other hand, are always fun and mostly achievable. Here are four simple beauty commitments worth making.

1. Wash Your Face Before Bed

You knew this was coming, right? It may be the easiest goal to achieve, and it’s definitely one of the most important. Find the right cleanser for you, and just like that, you’re dealing with a whole new situation for your skin. Why? Makeup, dirt and environmental pollutants can get trapped in your skin and over time can result in premature aging and acne. Enter our beloved mineral-rich Ocean Cleanser. It removes surface impurities and feels like it’s sucking fatigue right out of your face. Seaweed and an intoxicating blend of juniper, lime and jasmine deliver a clear, radiant complexion that will make you look like a morning person — every single day.

2. Start an Anti-Aging Routine

Bright, plump and beautifully moisturized skin looks (and feels) good no matter what your age. Sticking to this resolution is easy with our two-step Anti-Aging Skincare Duo. After cleansing, apply a few drops of Anti-Aging Sea Serum to the face and neck. This multitasking serum uses five powerhouse ingredients, including niacinamide, seaweed and vitamin C, to target all signs of aging. You’ll look brighter right out of the gate. Next, apply our ultra-rich Advanced Protection Cream and let it work its smoothing, skin-softening magic. We loaded it with a plant-based amino acid called DPHP (dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline) to diminish the look of wrinkles, leaving skin unbelievably soft and totally moisturized.

3. Exfoliate Your Face

You just need to do it once a week, and you’ll have smooth, glowy skin. Plus it makes all of your other skincare work better. Our dual-action Black Algae Flash Mask delivers the benefits of both chemical and physical exfoliation for your smoothest, softest skin yet. Fruit enzymes instantly go to work to dissolve dead skin, while jojoba beads manually exfoliate to soften every last bit of roughness. The best part? You’ll see glowing results in just three minutes flat. This is one resolution you’ll never want to break.

4.Start a Body-Care Routine

Don’t let your face be the only part of you that gets attention this year. The skin is the largest organ in your body, so why would you want to neglect the biggest part of it? Start by resolving to dry-brush a few times a week. Dry brushing is an easy and mess-free way to exfoliate your body, smooth and energize, all in one step. Our Plant-Based Body Brush uses vegan sisal-fiber bristles that feel like absolute heaven on the skin. Follow with a quick rinse (or a long, indulgent bath). Finally, resolve to moisturize your body. Transform every last inch of dry skin to smooth, soft and glowing with our beloved Undaria Algae Body Oil. This gorgeous oil smells like a citrusy paradise and dries so quickly you can slip into your skinny jeans in just a few minutes.

Happy New Year!

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