Can You Eat Chickweed – Herbal Use Of Chickweed Plants

The presence of weeds in the garden can send many gardeners into a tizzy but, in fact, most “weeds” are not as horrible as we make them out to be – they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. On one continent a plant may be considered a nuisance weed, while on another continent, it may be cultivated for food or medicine. Like everything, different plant appearances, scents or flavors can go in and out of fashion. One day an herb may be the go-to remedy, the next day it may be the weed getting doused in herbicide. As is the case for the use chickweed plants. Is Chickweed Edible? Native to Europe, chickweed was introduced to North America and other continents by immigrants who valued it as an herb. Its flowers and leaves are, indeed, edible, though in large quantities the saponoids it contains

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