Cucurbit Fusarium Rind Rot – Treating Fusarium Rot Of Cucurbits

Fusarium is one of the most common diseases of fruits, vegetables and even ornamental plants. Cucurbit fusarium rind rot affects melons, cucumbers and other members of the family. Edible cucurbits with fusarium rot show as lesions on the rind but develop to affect the interior flesh of the food. It often goes unnoticed in the field and is only apparent once the fruit is cut open. Knowing the early signs of the disease can save your harvest. Symptoms of Cucurbit Fusarium Fungus Fungal diseases come in many forms. Fusarium fungus appears as both a wilt and a rot. It is almost a case of the chicken or the egg, as to which develops first. Fusarium rot of cucurbits primarily affects melons and cucumbers, and there are numerous species of fusarium which cause the disease. Cucurbits with fusarium rot often don’t show symptoms until they are harvested. The initial disease invades

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