Nectria Canker Treatment – What Causes Nectria Canker

Nectria canker on trees is a fungal infection. The pathogen known as nectria invades fresh wounds and damaged areas of bark and wood. If a tree is healthy, it can typically seal off the infection and recover with a callus formed. Weaker trees may get girdled and ultimately die. Know the signs of nectria canker, how to prevent it and what to do if you see it. What is Nectria Canker? What causes nectria canker disease is one of the several nectria fungal species. These fungi are opportunistic and attack trees at their weak spots from injury, pruning, root damage, freezing, pest infestations, and other diseases. Any damaged wood is susceptible to this pathogen and the resulting disease. Signs of Nectria Canker The characteristic sign of nectria canker is the formation of the cankers, wounds on twigs, stems, and trunks that look like sunken areas that may be discolored. The

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