Labrador Retriever – Intelligent and Fun Loving

Labrador Retriever – Intelligent and Fun Loving

The Labrador retriever, also known as Labs, continue to be one of the world’s most popular dog breeds. These intelligent and family-friendly pets are loved by most people because of their playfulness and cheerful disposition.

Labrador Retriever – Intelligent and Fun Loving
Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are very common in families with children. They are often considered as playful and cheerful members of the family with enough patience and zeal even with young toddlers.


Historically, Labrador retrievers are famous for their fishing and hunting prowess. The modern Labradors ancestors date back in the 17th century and were mainly popular among game hunters and fishers for a number of reasons.

Firstly, their short, thick and somewhat oily coats gave them an advantage in the water as it could repel water very well. Many fishermen were also interested in their athletic build which gave them excellent swimming capabilities. Labrador retrievers proved useful in fishing tasks such retrieving fish and nets, and hence the origin of their name, retrievers.

These dogs were also perfect for hunting, and the softness of their mouths was very appealing to the hunters as it came in handy especially when retrieving game. Another thing that made Labrador retrievers excellent choice for hunting is because of they are strong runners owing to their athletic build. Also, these dogs are easy to train. Before being bred only for companionship, Labrador retrievers were the best hunting companions.


Most people argue that Labrador retrievers are the reason why dogs are loyal are regarded as man’s best friend. Labs make excellent companions and are very friendly to everyone. In fact, these dogs love being around people. This is what makes them the first choice for families looking for pets.

Labrador retrievers continue to exhibit a lot of hunting energy, and this makes their ancestors very popular. As such, they are incredibly lively and energetic. They enjoy staying in the outdoors where they have enough space to run and play for long hours.Premium Elk Antlers for DogsPremium Elk Antlers for DogsCheck Prices And Reviews

While indoors, Labrador retrievers portray extreme patience even with youngsters, which show their enhanced intelligence. They are observant, easy to train, and their expressive eyes seem to read people’s emotion. The labs, however, like to chew on almost everything (a trait they derive from their hunting history). Due to this, Labrador retriever owners are usually advised to buy them plenty of chewing toys otherwise they will keep on tearing apart their places of residence.

Exercising Needs

Being active animals in nature, Labrador retrievers need a lot of activity on a regular basis. Contrary to most dogs, a simple walk in the evening only will not be enough for their daily exercise requirements. You need to engage them in other strenuous activities such as running so that they can burn their large amounts of energy they normally have.

Ideally, these dog breed should only be bred or reared in the countryside or suburban areas because they don’t do well in the small city spaces. Another important thing about Labrador retrievers is that they can become very destructive if they don’t exercise and spend their energy reserves by the end of the day. Their boundless energy reserves paired with naturally clumsy nature can destroy a house in just a few hours.

There are a lot of exercises Labs can do, but the recommended ones include running alongside the trainer or owner as they ride a bike or jog, hiking, or playing outdoors with the children. Labrador retrievers also love swimming, and you’ll have a hard time keeping them out of the pool if they want to swim.

Suitability as a Family Pet

If you need a family pet, then a Labrador retriever is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. First, these dogs are incredibly friendly and friendly, which makes them excellent companions for family members including the youngsters. Second, labs have a natural active temperament making them ideal for young children who like to play all the time. Third, Labrador retrievers are moderately sized when fully grown as well as highly intelligent. They are also very sensitive to the needs of their owners.

As stated earlier, Labrador retrievers are very loyal dogs and usually form a deep emotional connection with their owners. They make good companions for children as they are very fond of them and treat them with incredible gentleness when playing. Apart from their occasional destructive behavior when they fail to get enough exercise, Labrador retrievers are the best family pets.

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Known Health Issues

Just like other dog breeds, Labrador retrievers are prone to some medical conditions. Some of them include the following:

Allergies. Labrador retrievers can exhibit various allergies when they come into contact with their triggers. This is because of their over-active immune system. Hip and elbow dysplasia. This is another medical condition common in older labs and is caused by either a natural degeneration or malfunction of the joints in question.

Diabetes Mellitus. Labrador retrievers are also at risk of developing diabetes which is caused by the absence of vital cells that secrete insulin. Melanoma. This is a type of malignant cancer common in domestic dogs of some breeds.

Obesity. This breed has a tendency to gain weight if given too many treats or is sedentary too often. A healthy Labrador retriever should have a trim, hourglass shape. To prevent your lab from retaining weight, it’s better to treat it with quality playtime instead of edible treats. Doing this will ensure you and your best friend will enjoy a long, healthy companionship.

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The Labrador Retriever can be described as sociable, trainable, energetic, loyal, and highly intelligent pets. They have a strong hunting instinct and love to roam. If trained properly, labs are active but calm and obedient. Labs are also athletic and strong protectors and fighters when provoked by a dangerous situation. In fact, nothing can stop them when they have to protect their loved ones.

Lastly, labs are one of the friendliest dog breeds. Don’t be surprised when they knock you over in cheerfulness and excitement after a long day at work. They make good companions in families with children are known to develop a deep emotional connection with their owners.

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