The Poodle – One Of The World’s Best Pets

The Poodle


Are you aware that the poodle has become one of the most popular creatures that people keep as pets? Anyone looking for a pet to keep at home would choose to have a poodle rather than keep a cat, parrot or other domestic creatures. If you have been having difficulty choosing what to keep as a pet, then this problem shouldn’t keep you awake at night anymore.

Just get a poodle. It can keep you company as you run errands and be with you as you walk or jog. It can also form an intimate bond with your children, spouse and any other people who stay in your house. There are several other reasons why you should consider keeping a poodle.

The Poodle – One Of The World’s Best Pets

However, keeping these type of animals as pets has its fair share of challenges given that they have varying needs that are determined by the type of breed. The needs particularly depend on factors such as temperament and other emotional traits, physical characteristics, and age, among other factors. If you are considering keeping one of the creatures in the near future, then there are certain factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. Some of them are explained below.

Physical characteristics

As far as size is concerned, the animals can be broadly classified into three: toy, miniature, and standard, in that order. According to experts in veterinary medicine, the standard breed is the oldest. The other two are believed to have been bred in the 18th Century, in Britain. In the 18th Century, most people living in France, as well as other countries in mainland Europe, had fallen in love with the creatures. As a matter of fact, they were recognized as France’ national dog breed. During duck hunting missions, French nobles would use them as water retrievers.

The animals were also popular in Germany, particularly among the aristocrats. It’s possible to find drawings of the animals done in the 15th century by German artists. According to the WCA (World Canine Association), the poodle breed came about as a result of crossbreeding a French dog and a Hungarian water-dog. On the other hand, the Britannica Encyclopedia states that the magnificent animals first originated from Germany.

Temperament, Personality, and Emotional Characteristics

They are among the most sociable breeds since they can have interactions with people and other animal types with great ease. Poodles are very intelligent creatures, and that’s why they’re extremely sociable. As a matter of fact, they appear in the second position when dog breeds are ranked according to their levels of intelligence.

Are you aware that temperament of poodles varies depending on size? Toy and miniature breeds, for instance, are less tolerant with children when compared to the standard breed. Most kids develop the habit of grabbing the pets while unaware that the actions make the animals scared. Don’t forget that standard poodles are larger in size than the other two breeds. It’s therefore advisable to get standard poodles, particularly if your kids are still very young and naughty.

Need For Exercise

Historically, the dog breed was commonly used to retrieve items from water bodies. That’s a clear indication of their exceptional swimming ability. Hunters also preferred to make use of them during hunting expeditions. During sports events, they could, and still can fiercely compete with other dog breeds, courtesy of their high energy levels. That’s primarily why they’re categorized as sporting dogs by the UKC (United Kennel Club).

Because of these reasons, you shouldn’t keep them indoors for too long. Ideally, they should be allowed to exercise for at least half an hour and at most two hours every day. Toy and miniature breeds need less time for exercise because they’re comparatively smaller in size.

Allowing poodles to exercise has various benefits. Physical exercises enhance circulation of blood, prevents constipation and improves muscle mass, among other benefits. Ideally, the activities should have little impact, be easy to execute and also adjustable.

Suitability as Pets

There are various reasons why you should keep poodles as pets rather than keep other types of dog breeds or animals. They have curly fur coats that rarely shed, thus making them ideal for households that comprise of one or two people suffering from asthma or other types of allergies. It’s easy to instruct them to adopt certain behavioral characteristics since they can easily understand and follow instructions. Whenever strangers approach them, they don’t become hostile.

Another reason why you should get this dog breed is because of their playful nature. With a poodle in their house, your children will never lack a playmate. Additionally, they’re usually gentle and rarely become aggressive. They are extremely lovable, affectionate and loyal. Furthermore, they can comfortably live in homes that have small yards given that poodles don’t need vigorous physical exercises.


The average lifespan of poodles is 13 years. If all factors remain constant, standard variants usually live for about 12 years. On the other hand, the average lifespan of toy and miniature breeds is 14 years. That means that the average lifespan of standard breeds is shorter than the lifespan of their toy and miniature counterparts. The difference in lifespan is attributed to varying levels of physical activity and resistance against ailments.

Issues Concerning Their Well-Being

There are various types of diseases that can affect poodles. Addison’s disease, tracheal collapse, complications in the thyroid glands and gastric dilation are among the most common ailments. Other diseases that can afflict your beloved poodle are, among others; epilepsy, juvenile renal disease, cancer in different body parts and hip dysplasia.

Since their coats have a tendency of extending into ear canals, poodles are sometimes susceptible to ear infections.

It’s important to ask a veterinary surgeon to examine your poodle whenever symptoms of ill health occur. If this is not done in good time, costs of treatment may become extremely high. The pet will also take too long to recover. In some extreme cases, death may also occur. It can be very painful to lose poodles to the grim reaper, especially when you consider how affectionate, adorable, loyal and gentle they are.

Why You Should Get a Poodle

There are various animals and birds that you can keep as pets. However, keeping a dog, particularly a poodle, is one of the wisest decisions that you’ll ever make. A poodle can give you company when no one else wants to spend time with you. It can give you company when going to the grocery store. It will have no problem jogging with you. It’s the perfect playing mate for your toddlers and school-going children. When visitors come over to your home, they fall in love with it because of its gentle nature. A poodle is among the best pets that you can ever keep at home.

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