Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 5 Ways To Help Senior Dogs In Winter

senior dog in snow with winter hat

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In our “Gold Souls, Gray Faces” series, we focus on the needs of senior pets and what you can do to ensure that their golden years stay golden, and you can continue to enjoy their company for as long as possible. We can do a lot to help our senior dogs in winter months when the weather gets cold.

If we’re being honest, winter is hard for everyone. Biting winds contribute to dry and cracking skin, while the cold bears little-to-no relief on joints. Snow drifts and slippery roads make getting around difficult, while winter weather can exacerbate medical conditions.

Many of these hurdles are no different for our beloved animals.

You’ve probably heard the adage “if they’re cold, you’re cold” in reference to not leaving our pets outside. It’s important for us to realize that even though our beloved companions were domesticated from animals that had the wherewithal to survive these elements, our pets often do not possess the same abilities as their wild cousins anymore.

Furthermore, like us, as our pets get older, navigating these challenges becomes more difficult. Therefore it’s imperative that, as good pet parents, we meet and accommodate our senior dogs’ needs to ensure their comfort and longevity.

Here are a few ways to keep your senior safe and comfortable through the cold winter months.

How do you keep your senior dog safe and happy in winter? Do you have any tips for other pet parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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