Gold Souls, Gray Faces: 9 Ways To Help Senior Dogs Who Are Going Blind

Dogs who are blind

Senior dogs can live happy lives even if they’re going blind. (Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Gold Souls, Gray Faces is a series that focuses on tips and advice for care of our sweet senior dogs. As dogs age, many of them begin losing their vision for a variety of reasons. Sometimes blindness in dogs comes on very quickly, but other times it happens gradually.

If your dog is quite familiar with your home and their general surroundings, then the symptoms of their vision loss may be hard to spot.

If you notice that your senior dog is bumping into things more, having trouble finding things, hesitating when getting onto or off of furniture, suffering from worsening anxiety, or showing signs of aggression or fear when being approached, then they may be experiencing vision loss.

The good news is that there are many ways you can still give your senior a great quality of life even if they’re going blind. Here are nine ways you can help your senior dog if they start losing their vision.

Be patient, consider your dog’s needs, and roll with the punches. Your blind senior can have plenty of time left with you and live a great life.

Have you ever taken care of a blind senior dog? What advice would you give to others who have an old dog who’s losing their vision? Let us know in the comments below!

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