What’s In A Starbucks Puppuccino? Is It Safe For Dogs?

PORTLAND, ME - AUGUST 24: Dakota, a one-year-old Blue Heeler, right, and Ruger, a three-year-old Chocolate Lab, get a whipped cream treat from their owner Destiney Kennie of Baldwin at Ales for Tails event at Thompson's Point, a fundraiser for Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

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You may have seen cute videos online of dogs joining their humans at the Starbucks drive-thru and getting a tasty-looking Puppuccino. But what exactly is a Starbucks Puppuccino, and is it safe for dogs?

Here’s the brief answer: a Starbucks Puppuccino is a tiny espresso size cup with whipped cream made specifically for our four-legged, furry companions. Milk products, including whipped cream, in small quantities are perfectly safe for most dogs once in a while.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to double-check with your vet for advice on your individual dog. Some dogs with high sensitivity to dairy or those with specific diets shouldn’t sip on a Puppuccino.

Here’s what you should know about the Starbucks Puppuccino and whether it’s safe for dogs.

Should Lactose Intolerant Dogs Have A Puppuccino?

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Many dogs are lactose intolerant, but small quantities of milk and milk products, usually will not adversely affect them.

If you notice that your dog has diarrhea, vomiting, or gas after consuming a milk product, then you should probably avoid dairy completely. This includes the Starbucks Puppuccino.

At the end of the week, if my milk or cream is going to expire and I want to use it up, I sometimes give my dogs a small amount — three to four tablespoons — without it bothering them at all.

But once, I pushed the limits and gave them larger bowls of milk — closer to half to three quarters of a cup — and one of my dogs got diarrhea. So I won’t be trying that again.

My dogs are under 20 pounds, so larger dogs can possibly tolerate more. Again, a trip to the vet for advice doesn’t hurt. Talk to your doggy doc before you give your pup a Puppuccino.

Should You Bring Your Dog To Starbucks For A Puppuccino?

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I used to work at Starbucks in Los Angeles during the 1990s, and a girl came in our store one time with a small dog. My manager at the time told me that I couldn’t even take the girl’s order, and I felt like such a jerk.

Times have changed, and I’m glad that dogs are becoming more accepted. Of course, now Starbucks is encouraging doggy drive-thru rides with their not-so-secret menu item for canines.

If you’re wondering how much the Puppuccino will set you back, well wonder no more. As of now the Starbucks Puppuccino is complimentary. Totally gratis. Free for doggos!

Please tip your barista, though. Why not pass the savings forward?

Only you can decide if you want to bring your pupper to the drive-thru. A quick call to the vet for advice will help you decide.

Got a friend who goes to Starbucks with their pup? Pick up a Starbucks gift card for them if you need a quick gift idea!

Has your dog tried a Starbucks Puppuccino? Or another treat from your favorite restaurant on the go? Please let us know what treats your dog enjoys while out and about with you in the comments below!

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