18 Incredible Medium Length Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas

Medium Inverted Blonde Bob

Medium length Inverted Blonde Bob

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It’s the medium-length inverted blonde bob that screams sophistication! You can style it however you want, but you’ll never go wrong with soft, beach waves. Ask for a blonde balayage for a low-maintenance messy style, flattering your fair skin tone.

Inverted Bob with Tapered Sides

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Inverted bobs with tapered sides are a popular trend for women wanting texture and movement. A hairstylist will create this look by doing deep pointcuts or cutting into the hair for “invisible layers”. Loosely style with a straightening iron by wrapping the hair around it and dragging it down to the ends. Finish with Balloon by R + Co.

Inverted Bob with Layers

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Make this inverted bob with layers your next look because it’s so modish and gorgeous! Ask for subtle graduation, and layers cut into the hair for an easy, low-maintenance style. The long disconnection in the front gives it a bit of an edge.

Inverted Bob with Bangs for Wavy Hair

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The best medium inverted bob with bangs is styled with waves. Notice how the flow boosts the dimension of a warm blonde shade. Feel free to spritz a dry texture spray into your locks to make them look full of life.

Medium Length Wavy Inverted Bob

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A wavy inverted bob on mid-length hair is great for medium to thick density hair. Its movement gives the thick locks a livelier finish. Pair your wavy bob with a melting brown to blonde hair color for a trendier, dramatic result.

Inverted Mid-Length Bob for Women Over 50

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Medium inverted bobs for women over 50 should have plenty of texture and front layers to accommodate naturally grey thinning hair. For a more youthful look, consider adding choppy bangs.

Purple Medium-Long Choppy Inverted Bob

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Pair this medium-long choppy inverted bob with a dark red to purple hair color for an edgy style. If you’re after a more classic style, a black shade with hints of a light brown hue is best, and will complement an olive skin tone. If you have straight hair, opt for subtle choppy ends for added texture, as well.

Inverted Curly Bob on Medium Length Hair

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Give this inverted curly bob a try when trying to give your medium length locks a better shape. This cut keeps the fullness without allowing the curly hair to become bulky. Feel free to paint the tresses a blonde color, too, for a fresher-looking finish. Always use a styling cream to reduce the frizz and define the curls.

Mid Length Inverted Bob with Fringe for Straight Hair

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An inverted bob with a fringe is an optimal cut for fine, thin hair by showing the cut’s perimeter. Upon considering this inverted haircut, always think of your facial features first. For instance, the neck-length inverted bob can soften sharp jawlines.

Mid-Length Inverted Bob with an Undercut and Highlights

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For a subtle edginess, say goodbye to one length hair and go for this mid-length inverted bob with an undercut. This chop lessens the bulkiness of your locks at the back to grant you a classic inverted bob style. When you want a warm shade of hair that requires a minimal touch-up, you won’t go wrong with blonde highlights.

Popular Medium Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

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This medium-length inverted bob with side bangs screams volume and radiance. Combine the power of a round brush and blow-dryer when styling to achieve the popular look. Meanwhile, a dark-rooted platinum blonde will brighten up your face, for sure.

Inverted Shaggy Bob for Thin Hair with Blonde Balayage

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Getting a shaggy bob for thin hair is a great idea. This kind of inverted bob with layers adds movement and body to your tresses. Shags paired with inverted bob haircuts like this can bring out more texture to mid-length hair, working great with soft waves. If it needs an extra wow factor, an ombre or a deep-rooted balayage does the job.

Dark Shoulder Length Inverted Bob for Thick Hair with Curls

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What a gorgeous hair idea! This is a shoulder length inverted bob for thick hair. With this bob, you’ll be able to rock a wavy hairstyle that jazzes up your dark tresses. For a final touch, use oil or shine spray to make your mane’s glossiness last all day long.

Modern Short to Medium Inverted Bob Style

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A modern short to medium inverted bob is one of the classic bob haircuts that won’t leave the trendy list. Why? It’s versatile and easy to maintain! Bob cuts are suitable for any type and density of tresses. A medium to short inverted bob can be pulled off with or without waves and still look promising!

Sleek Medium to Long Inverted Stacked Bob Cut

A sleek medium to long inverted stacked bob is short at the back and gets longer at the front. This trend proves that growing out short hair should never be troubling. Having this inverted and stacked bob cut gives off a stylish and versatile vibe. You can style your long locks in the front with texture and waves today, or flaunt it with your natural straight hair the next day.

This medium to long inverted stacked bob is really a graduated bob. It was created by hairstylist Jen Herber of San Diego, CA.

“This is not a low maintenance cut,” says Herber. “Inverted bobs must be styled daily to truly show the shape and angle of the cut. It’s not a wash and wear hair cut unless you have straight hair. This cut can work on almost all women, it’s just a matter of adjusting the front length to flatter the face shape.”

Collarbone Length Inverted Angled Bob with Layers

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How about a collarbone-length inverted angled bob with layers for your next style? This layered inverted haircut flatters most face shapes. It creates a softer edge that frames and accentuates facial features. If the hair is too bulky, subtle layers can lessen the thickness of it. They prevent the bob from looking like a helmet or mushroom.

Brown Inverted Bob for Coarse Hair

This is the perfect medium-length inverted bob for women with thick, coarse hair.

“This inverted bob keeps things short enough that you don’t have to worry about the dreaded flip out that some longer, shoulder-length styles run into,” says hairstylist Katelyn Phillis of Dayton, OH

Katelyn’s best advice? “This haircut is great for anyone who wants shorter hair but is worried that it wouldn’t flatter their face. You’re able to keep it nice and short in the back and enough length in the front that you have more room to customize the face frame to enhance (or minimize) certain features in the face. ”

Medium Layered Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

Instagram @kellikuperus

Want to upgrade your fine and dark locks with a trend that demands effortless styling? You got that here! Featuring the perfect layered, medium inverted bob for fine hair. You’ll love how the layered bob can frame your round face shape, too!

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