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It’s that time of year where we all stock up on Lush bath goodies and try to imagine all that self-pampering that we plan on doing for the coming year. I used to stock up like CRAZY on bath goodies only to use them a year later because “I never had the time for a bath”. I stopped this practice late last year and just started forcing myself to take baths for a few reasons: one to read more as I get bored easily in a bath and reading was the perfect way to pass the time AND two, to start using my bath bomb stock. This turned into a bit of an obsession and then the pandemic came where we all got stuck at home and self-care activities like baths became one of things I really looked forward to in the day. Now, I am a diehard bath bomb addict and cannot wait to hop into the tub with my fizzy friends! 

Lush Christmas Collection 2020
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As always, Lush has so many delightful bubble bars and bath bombs to delight all ages and out of the two types of bath products, I LOVE the bath bombs much more because I love watching the colours effervesce and perhaps surprise with glitter or a new colour I wasn’t expecting! 

Lush Christmas Collection 2020
It ain’t Christmas without the scent of Snow Fairy and the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb which has a delightfully sweet cotton candy scent and leaves a trail of plastic-free glitter and pink bathwater once it has “done its thing”! Another bath bomb favourite is the Luxury Lush Pud which has a blackcurrant and citrus scent and is a super colourful bomb to watch. It has so many festive colours that are sure to put you in a good mood after some holiday craziness! Oh and this bath bomb also contains corn starch which makes the bathwater feel EXTRA soft.

One of the new additions this year is Tick-Tock, the glittery orange robot who smells like wild oranges AND is filled with POPPING CANDY! You can actually hear it as he dissolves in the tub!

Lush Christmas Collection 2020
I love these three in one bath bombs that Lush started doing! The Holly Golightly Wonderball is a lemongrass and citrus party of a bomb that can be enjoyed as one massive bath bomb OR you can split this bomb into three baths by using just the lid, the powder contents or the outer container! I love it and at $9.95, I’d say this bomb is kind of a bargain!

Lush Christmas Collection 2020

Now, we move into another category of bath products which are the bubble bars! I have realized that I do not enjoy these as much as bath bombs because they don’t really DO anything until you crumble them and you don’t get the same explosion of colours that you do with bath bombs. What they are great for though is setting up a foundation for your bath bombs as well as add some added to luxuriousness to your self-care routine.

When it comes to reusable bubble bars, Lush has some of the best selection with one of my favourites for this year being the Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar! This holiday favourite smells like something you were not expecting and that is LEMONS! Just swirl under water and when you have enough bubbles, set it aside to dry for next time! I have been able to get up to five baths from most Lush bubble bars so they end up being great value in the end. If you love a good mint scent, the Polar Bear Plunge is pretty awesome with its refreshing spearmint scent or if you prefer more “interactive” bath activities, the Kinky Boots Bubble Bar is really a 2 in 1 with a bubbly red base of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage and some “kinky boots” of hydrating cocoa butter! 

Lush Christmas Collection 2020

I am a generally a citrus fan so the Orange sea salt body scrub is such a pleasure to use because it just smells so realistically JUICY! Lush’s body scrubs are on the more abrasive side because of the large chunks of sea salt, but I find them very effective on my legs and backs of arms. I just don’t rub too hard! 

Lush Christmas Collection 2020

I am so tempted to pick up more especially during their annual Boxing Day 50% off sale, but I feel like because I have purchased probably $1000 worth of bath bombs from local Canadian businesses this year that I should lay off…no promises though! 

Have you picked anything up from this year’s Lush Christmas collection?

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