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Apothekari Spray Deodorants

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I have been fairly consistent in my deodorant usage having only switched to a different brand once this year to review it because ever since my original review of the Apothekari pH Balanced Natural Deodorants, I haven’t used anything else! Now, Apothekari has a brand new Natural Deodorant Spray that I was lucky enough to get a chance to review with brand new scents to enjoy!


Apothekari Spray Deodorants
Coming in four fresh-smelling scents of: Morning Bliss, Barely There, Tuscan Blossom and Tranquil Moments, these new natural deodorants contain the same odour-killing enzyme, Deoplex®, aka Saccharomyces Ferment (made from filtering and fermenting yeast), along with glycolic acid (keeps skin at a low pH which odor-causing bacteria do NOT like), ethylhexylglycerin (a probiotic that helps to maintain a healthy ratio between the “good” and “bad” bacteria, caffeine and allantoin (both act to soothe skin) and essential oil blends (to further help mask and reduce odour). 

Morning Bliss is a blend of sweet orange and rosemary, Tranquil Moment is lavender and bergamot, Tuscan Blossom is neroli and rose and Barely There is just a hint of citrus. The latter two scents are my favourite ones, but all four are very faint and eventually fade to nothing by the end of the day.

Apothekari Spray Deodorants
The formula is free of parabens, aluminum and importantly baking soda, which can lead to skin irritations due to disruptions in skin pH. The spray version is very similar to Apothekari’s roll-on version in that it is non-staining and not sticky, but what is great about the spray is one just how FAST these dry AND two, that they can be used anywhere. I mean, ANYWHERE! That’s how gentle, yet effective this new formula is though I haven’t tried spraying it anywhere other than my underarms and feet as I don’t really feel all that self-conscious about my vaginal area, but if you were to use it there, it is advised that you obviously keep it external.

Apothekari Spray Deodorants

The spray itself is very fine and concentrated so keeping the product to my underarms was no problem. Spraying this on my feet has been especially helpful these last two weeks with our heat wave and even after a full day of work where my feet have been in shoes for 10+ hours, they definitely don’t feel as grimy or smell as ‘lived in”. I usually wash my feet right when I come home because they feel so grimy, but with this deodorant, I noticed that they didn’t feel quite so uncomfortable. 

I have used deodorant sprays before, but not for long on my feet because the product just took too long to dry. Not the case with these Apothekari deodorants though! In about 10-15 seconds, my feet are dry and ready to go into tights or shoes!

Apothekari Spray Deodorants

Final verdict: The sprays were brilliant for my feet and I will continue to use these until I finish every last drop and then purchase them on my own! When it came to my underarms, I found that the roll-ons performed better for me in terms of keeping odour under control. I don’t really know why, but that is what I have noticed over the last month of use. I do love the scents of the sprays and I would love for some of these scents to spill over into the roll-ons!

You can find the Apothekari Spray Natural Deodorants at

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