Meet Scott Nguyen of Keen Organics

After more than a year’s delay due to the pandemic, Scott Nguyen officially launched Keen Organics at Cosmoprof 2021. We wanted to know all about it!

NAILS: Tell us about your beauty background. You’re from a beauty industry family? 
 Yes. I’ve had exposure to the nail/spa industry for as long as I can remember, with moms, aunts, cousins, friends, friends of friends—you name it—who have worked, sold, operated or managed nail salons and spas. I felt that the industry had a bad reputation from its association with the smell of acetone. Some salons may use cheap products to keep overhead low. Although not having worked as a manicurist or cosmetologist, I saw firsthand how the business operated inside and out and how there was plenty of room for improvement.

NAILS: What did you think was missing from the market that you wanted to fill?
SG: Starting the brand happened by chance. I was observing a worker applying cuticle oil to moisturize a client’s fingers right after a manicure treatment. Moments earlier I had dropped some CBD oil into my tea for added wellness, and I wondered whether there might be a CBD product for cuticle oil. I looked into it and discovered that none existed at the time. I initially started out wanting to carry a cuticle oil that not only moisturized the cuticle skin but also offered the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. In my research to formulate a high-quality CBD product, I saw that hardly any CBD products addressed the nail+spa market. With the void of CBD products available in the industry and what I saw as the general need for higher-quality nail+spa products, Keen Organics was born.

My thought was that indulging in self-care shouldn’t be limited to monthly or bi-weekly visits to the salon; it should be practiced every day. We carefully research and formulate our own products to fit the needs of our clients. We do not private-label someone’s brand and put our label on it. 

NAILS: Where is the company located, and who is on your leadership team?
SG: Our office is located in Fountain Valley, California. My wife and I manage the company together. I handle the finance and operations, and she takes care of all things fun and creative.

NAILS: How is CBD good for the skin when applied topically?
SG: CBD, or “cannabidiol,” is fantastic for the skin. CBD is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and B vitamins, all of which help slow down the signs of aging. When the client has red or dry skin, that indicates inflammation, which leads to aging. Most Keen Organics products target the hands and feet, areas that are often overlooked but need the most care because they’re the most overused parts of our bodies. 

NAILS: What are some misconceptions about CBD products?
A lot of people associate CBD with THC/marijuana and assume that CBD can get you feeling high. That’s incorrect. Other people think taking a dose of CBD will provide a “feeling better” effect, similar to taking a dose of Tylenol. That is also incorrect. Another misconception is that the product with the highest amount of CBD or pure CBD—cbd isolate—is the best product that can be purchased. Really, the body can absorb only so much CBD in a single application, and broad- or full-spectrum CBD products are better than pure isolated CBD-only products.

NAILS: What is the range of your product line?
 We currently have four products—Cuticle Oil, Sugar Scrub, 3-in-1 Set, and Lotion. We have four more coming soon: Face Mist, Tension Balm, Derma Scrub, and Full Body Lotion.

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