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Over here at Cosmetic Proof HQ, we really like Dr. Belmeur sheet masks! Found at The Face Shop, the Dr. Belmeur masks are generally a little bit more expensive than “The Solutions” masks, but they are very much worth the extra dollars. I picked up a couple of masks a few years ago at The Face Shop location in Metrotown and finally gave them all a shot over the last few weeks and honestly, even though they all had different skin purposes, the results on my skin were fairly similar so I won’t be delving into too much detail for each as it starts to get a bit repetitive!
Purchased by me

All four masks are made with a plush and highly adhesive gauze-like material known as OEKO-TEX that really fit all of the contours of my face so nicely. My skin literally felt cocooned while wearing each mask!
Pore Care Face Mask

The Pore Care Face Mask contains ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C) and tannic acid which is a potent antioxidant. Together, these ingredients focus on evening out skin tone and brightening the skin. 

Mask Summary (Pore Care):

Price: $4.00 CDN

Skin concerns: Dullness, moisture

Scent: Lightly floral (packaging describes the scent as citrul floral herbal)

Essence Type: Clear

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Plushy and very snug!

Tackiness: Light-medium

Hydration: Good! Skin was decently brighter, but very subtly.
Other notes: N/A

Firming Face Mask

This mask contains a “Firming Energy Complex” made up of propolis, vitamin B12 and squalane. While it is always difficult to notice whether your skin is any more firm than before with just one use, I did find this mask quite pleasant with no incredibly tacky finish to contend with upon removal. 

Mask Summary (Firming):

Price: $4.00 CDN

Skin concerns: Sagging

Scent: Lightly floral

Essence Type: Milky and lightweight

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Really nice and felt plushy on my skin!

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Good

Other notes: N/A

Deep Moisturizing Face Mask

Oooh, this mask has ceramides in it! I always find this ingredient so luxe when added to sheet masks as this is often included in skincare to strengthen the skin barrier and provide an extra dose of hydration.

Mask Summary (Deep Moisturizing):

Price: $4.00 CDN

Skin concerns: Dryness

Scent: Slightly herbal and floral

Essence Type: Creamy

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Really good!

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Good, but I didn’t feel like it was any more hydrating than the other three masks.

Other notes: N/A

Radiant Face Mask

This mask contains the “Super Bright Complex” which is a combination of the brightening ingredient glutathione, niacinamide and vitamin B3.

Mask Summary (Radiant):

Price: $4.00 CDN

Skin concerns: Dullness

Scent: A little bit sweet

Essence Type: Clear, jelly

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Really nice and felt plushy on my skin!

Tackiness: Medium

Hydration: Good and maybe a little bit more glowy upon mask removal, but nothing super noticeable.

Other notes: N/A

Final verdict: Though the masks had fairly similar results, they were very pleasant to use and had generally hydrating and brightening results after use. I don’t think all of these masks are available now, but the next time The Face Shop runs a sheet mask promo (they do it fairly often), grab yourself a few Dr. Belmeur masks and you will experience one of the plushiest masks in existence!

You can find the Dr. Belmeur Mild Derma Sheet Mask Collection at The Face Shop stores and online.

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