SHEET MASK | Lassie’el Deeeep Focus Petit Patch Dark Spot Solution Mask

Lassie'el Deeeep Focus Petit Patch Dark Spot Solution Mask
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Yet another FaceTory brand discovery was the Korean brand Lassie’el. The name comes from a combination of the words “lassie” and “elle” with the idea that a ‘woman looks the most beautiful when she has a big smile on her face”. Personally, I think the brand name is a bit strange and I never knew how to pronounce (or type for that matter) this brand name without looking up the spelling first every time! 

Lassie'el Deeeep Focus Petit Patch Dark Spot Solution Mask

What makes this mask special? This one is a multi-mask that comes with undereye patches infused with brightening ingredients like niacinamide, glutathione and salicyclic acid! These dry undereye patches are then layered with a lusciously plush sheet mask over top to make the experience extra bougie! The sheet mask also contains niacinamide and glutathione as well as ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Lassie'el Deeeep Focus Petit Patch Dark Spot Solution Mask

Collagen patches are thin and papery like rice paper so these are best handled with dry fingers as they will stick to any moist surface and tear if you try to move it so handle with care! The collagen patches do melt away once the mask is removed, make sure to massage the area or the patches will leave a bit of a residue. 

The mask itself had a lot of essence and felt super soft and plush on my skin. There was still quite a bit of essence left in the mask after 30 minutes so I used the mask on my legs afterwards to make use of the remaining essence!

Mask Summary:

Price: $8-$9 USD

Skin concerns: Dark spots, brightening

Scent: None

Essence Type: Cream

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Medium

Mask Fit: Very good as the mask material was very soft and plush and I did not have to fold up the nose piece.

Tackiness: Medium

Hydration: Fairly intense. I did not apply additional moisturizer afterwards. 

Other notes: After mask is removed, I think it is best to massage to minimize the residue left by the patches.

Lassie'el Deeeep Focus Petit Patch Dark Spot Solution Mask

Final verdict: Super cool mask! There was definitely some brighter skin happening upon removal and I felt like the sheet mask itself had a very luxurious quality to it. I know there are more of these Petit Patch Masks in this series so I would be very open to trying more!
Happy Sunday!

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