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Our individual and collective decisions in the next ten years are pivotal. The United Nations proclaimed 2021-2030 as the Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development to reverse the cycle of decline in global ocean health. Additionally, the ocean conservation and scientific community have set our eyes on protecting at least 30% of the ocean by 2030 in order to provide the ocean an opportunity to recover. The most encouraging fact is the ocean is resilient. It simply needs time and space away from human activity to heal itself. This will be a massive effort but it can be attainable if we collectively decide amongst our own communities, states and nations to encourage our governments to set aside vital areas of the ocean that are currently being decimated. It is essential for citizens in their prospective countries to VOTE FOR THE OCEAN. Support legislation that protects both the planet and people.

Our addiction to fossil fuels has created the majority of the environmental challenges facing the sea especially pervasive plastic which is created from refined crude oil. Plastic pollution is a huge problem for the ocean and marine life, so cutting back on daily unnecessary single-use plastic is always a great idea. You can start simple when it comes to protecting our oceans. Try swapping out common single-use plastic items that you use on a daily basis (like plastic straws, plastic bags, plastic utensils) for a more sustainable option (like reusable straws, reusable tote bags, bamboo utensils). For those that love eating seafood, make sure that it’s ethically and sustainably caught. Industrialized overfishing is destroying the balance of critical ocean ecosystems, so buying consciously is a huge help. An even braver choice would be to choose a plant-based diet instead. This will drastically decrease the amount of greenhouse gases that you are personally responsible for emitting into the atmosphere. We can all be part of the wave of change that will protect our oceans. Every single person is an important part of the change that we urgently need.

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