Meet Sara Panton of Vitruvi


Are there any mantras that particularly resonate with you?


There are two mantras that really resonate with me and act as reminders on almost a daily basis. The first is ‘Only Love’ __ this is the mantra I try to bring to meetings and interactions especially those that have an urgent importance that can bring intense energy. I try to operate from a place of gratitude and compassion, I believe it’s our duty to remember that when interacting with any human being love and compassion must be respected and shown. To me that means taking nothing personally, and remembering that everyone has complex stories, views, and life experiences that are different.

I also use the mantra ‘if not you, then who?’ as a way of deciding what I am truly excited and energized about. It helps me know what I believe I must commit to full force and with all my heart and brain.

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