The Newest on Neck Tightening (#half)

I obtained a neck tightening remedy and there’s no change, The Venus v remedy was utilized. Would it not be possible for me to have Exilis or Ulthera finished at any given time ? Your info has assisted me vastly by way of deciding on a physician who focuses on these particular areas for now on. Thank You , A. Collins I’m in my early seventies Thanks!!  Okay… this a very fascinating space and really a lot within the information in all places.   And….like something that appears straightforward with not an excessive amount of cash, a whole lot of it isn’t actual. Earlier than you determine whether or not to spend cash on this, it’s useful to grasp the variations.
Radiofrequency versus deep radiofrequency
Radiofrequency.  Prior to now (and nonetheless), radiofrequency (RF) was utilized to the floor of the pores and skin, with a cooling know-how of some kind.  Methods on this class have been Thermage, Ultherapy, Exilis, Thermi, and Pelleve.  All of them gave roughly the identical outcomes and labored higher on face than the neck.  Most acceptable for seen tightening in a youthful group (normally 30s-50s).   In an older group 50s-70s, they is also used for jawline upkeep.  Nonetheless a very good purpose, however not a visual raise or facelift-like impact.  Everybody builds collagen with these techniques which thickens the pores and skin in a great way.  We preferred Thermage on the face and Exilis on the neck bevcause much less painful, however good consequence.
Deep radiofrequency (RF).  Prior to now few years, we seen a real break although in techniques that ship the power straight into the deeper pores and skin (dermis) with tiny, extremely engineered needles.  A number of are actually in the marketplace, for instance,  Profound and Venus V.
Be sure you distinguish between the techniques that offer the RF from the pores and skin aspect with tiny engineered pins (above), and the techniques that offer RF from below the pores and skin with an extended canula and insertion factors (ex. Thermitight).  A few of these below pores and skin canulas include portals for suctioning fats on the similar time.  These are usually extra harmful as a result of there’s extra danger of the temperature controls (the exterior temp cameras don’t work properly) not being correct (burns), getting too near nerves (nerve injury normally momentary X 3-6 months) and uneven bumps resulting from uneven outcomes on the fats.
Why didn’t I get good outcomes (prospects)?
Supplier didn’t do properly technically with correct placement within the dermis. See extra concerning the significance of selecting a supplier.
Not sufficient power delivered both temperature, placement of pins, size of pulses, # of pulses.
Supplier didn’t set sensible expectations.
Well being and/or age not conducive to good collagen, elastic fiber restore and regeneration
Very skinny pores and skin (speaks to sensible expectations)
Skincare for the neck.
It’s actually necessary to guard this pores and skin as a lot as your face and use actives.  Right here’s a very good sunscreen for neck and chest and two nice neck lotions (first two).
Extra subsequent week on which techniques work greatest and why!
Hope this helps,
Dr. B

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