Why Body Care Is the New Skincare

For years, body care has taken a backseat to skincare. Every day, we put loads of products on our faces–cleansers, serums, moisturizers, face oils, masks, plus 18 other super-important steps. When it comes to our bodies, we might do a once-over with some lotion, if not outright neglect it. The skin below your chin needs (and deserves) as much consideration as your face. At least we think so. That’s why we set out to create face-grade body care more than 15 years ago. It uses the same high-performance ingredients and delivers the same results that you’d expect from your favorite skincare. It’s easier than ever to get smoother, firmer, more supple-looking skin all over. Read on to get started.

Exfoliation: Now for Body

Exfoliation has the same benefits for the face as for the body: silky-smooth, glowing skin and more even texture. It also preps the skin for anything that follows (think moisturizers and body oils). The skin on your body is thicker than the skin on your face, so it not only can handle stronger exfoliators, but it kind of needs the extra pizzazz to get the job done. Our Salts of the Earth Body Scrub uses mineral salts from around the world (like Himalayan and Red Hawaiian salt) in a base of creamy skincare-level shea butter and nutrient-rich Gigartina seaweed to sweep away dead skin cells and roughness, revealing healthy-looking new skin that glows. It smells incredible (courtesy of the lavender and rosemary), has a velvety texture on skin, and leaves your whole body feeling brand-new.

Moisturization: Not Just for Your Face

Your body needs moisture just as much as your face does. While this is a time-honored truth, it’s easy to skip this step because, well…time, and there’s a whole lot of skin on your body. Moisturizing your body every single day is key to maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. We formulated our moisturizers with skincare-first ingredients to moisturize (duh) and also deliver some pretty incredible results, like firming, smoothing, and minimizing the look of crepiness. We’ve put our moisturizers to the (clinical) test, so we know they work. Here are our favorites:

Undaria Algae Body Butter

Ultra-rich and utterly moisturizing, this beautifully dense cream transforms dry, crepey skin to soft, smooth and supple. Fast absorbing? Check. Clinically proven to hydrate for 72 hours? Check. High-performance, skincare-level ingredients, like firming DPHP, seaweed, ceramides and whipped shea butter? You bet! And the uplifting scent of freshly picked grapefruit is totally transporting.

Undaria Algae Body Oil

Our best-selling body oil is clinically proven to instantly improve skin elasticity and deliver deep moisturization. It uses Undaria seaweed and a blend of passion fruit, acai, babassu and rice bran oils to deliver silky-soft, impossibly glowing skin. Even the most devoted of body lotion lovers will fall for our nongreasy, fast-absorbing oil. We promise it passes the get-dressed test with no waiting period. So you can slip right into your jeans or crawl into your freshly made bed right after application.

Anti-Aging Body Balm

If your skin is extra dry, consider our intensely moisturizing lotion-and-oil hybrid the magic fix. This silky, youth-restoring elixir sinks right in, transforming dry skin to supple and radiant. In fact, in a third-party study, 81% of participants agreed that skin felt tighter, lifted and more toned after just four weeks.* Coconut oil, passion fruit, Alaria seaweed, omega fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants are all packed into one softening and smoothing liquid balm. Inhale a bit of the addictive jasmine-and-geranium scent and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer-perception study conducted on 32 women ages 37-65

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