Your Summer-Wellness Guide

From a de-stressing oil to a luxe-but-simple face massage, here’s everything you need to help you look–and feel like you get your nightly eight and drink green juice on the regular.

Detox with Dry Brushing

Dry brushing invigorates the senses, smooths away roughness, and jump-starts the day. Before showering, sweep our Plant-Based Body Brush up your legs and arms (in the direction of your heart), pressing down hard enough that the vegan sisal bristles feel firm (but still gentle) on skin. Follow with a warm shower or, if you’re feeling brave, a quick blast of cold (channeling Wim Hof) to energize from head to toe. 

Gua Sha to Ease Stress

This ancient Chinese therapy involves using a sculpted massage tool to melt facial tension, depuff and boost radiance. First, smooth on 2-3 pumps of our new Dayglow Face Oil for an immediate, dewy look. This golden elixir has a silky, lightweight texture that melts into skin, leaving it glazed and healthy-looking as can be. It’s loaded with mineral-rich Undaria seaweed, organic cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil and grapeseed oil to support a healthy moisture barrier. Next, starting at the neck, glide our Gua Sha Sculptor (made from an exceptionally lovely jade stone) upward in long, gentle strokes, moving on to the jawline, cheeks, eye area, and forehead. Watch our tutorial here. Gua sha is so relaxing and instantly makes your skin look smoother and a touch more sculpted. Pro tip: Store your tool in the fridge for an extra-cooling, depuffing effect that feels fantastic against skin.

Give Your Body a Massage

According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, anointing your body with oil and giving yourself a massage minimizes pain, increases longevity and prepares the body for a good night’s rest. While we can’t vouch for the above, we can say that it’s an incredibly relaxing and delightful way to unwind at the end of a long day. After showering, smooth on our beloved Undaria Algae Body Oil and go to work massaging from head to toe. Our best-selling body oil uses Undaria seaweed and a blend of passion fruit, acai, babassu and rice bran oils to moisturize every inch of skin. It’s also clinically proven to instantly improve skin elasticity. You’ll feel relaxed and enjoy unbelievably firm and glowing skin too. 

Get Your Beauty Sleep

It’s 1 a.m. Do you know where your mind is? Blissfully lost in dreamland, thanks to this soothing relaxation oil. Our Vagus Nerve Oil helps melt away every last bit of stress and promotes a sense of perfect well-being. Apply a few drops of this targeted treatment to the back of your neck before sleep and any time you need a deeper level of grounding and zen. When you’re done massaging the blend into your neck, cup your hands over your nose for a long, deep breath. The chamomile-and-juniper-oil blend smells absolutely beautiful. 

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