Can Dogs See Ghosts & Sense Spirits?

If you’re someone who’s even mildly interested in the supernatural and you own a dog, then you must have wondered if your dog can see ghosts. The answer to the question “Can dogs see ghosts?” is not straightforward. That is so because, simply put, there is no definitive scientific proof to suggest that ghosts exist. However, many people believe that canines can perceive ghosts or spirits.

Can dogs see ghosts?

While the notion of dogs sensing the paranormal can be appealing, the scientific consensus remains uncertain. The enigmatic nature of animal behavior leaves room for the possibility that dogs may perceive things beyond human comprehension.


While your furry friend’s behavior can remain a mystery to you, several instances prompt contemplation on the seemingly unimaginable. A certified animal behaviorist and director of the AKC Family Dog Program, Dr. Mary Burch, suggests that an individual’s own beliefs in the paranormal correlate to the belief in their dogs seeing ghosts. For instance, a dog abruptly stopping and standing still at specific locations might indicate to its owner that it is sensing a loved one’s spirit.

Can dogs sense things humans can’t?

Apart from the conventional five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing), dogs also possess a sixth sense. This sixth sense is similar to what humans call intuition. However, dogs are more inclined to trust their instincts and act upon them, unlike most humans, who tend to rationalize the possibility of auras or spirits. Dr. Burch also points out that dogs’ sensory abilities surpass those of humans in many cases.

In addition, dogs excel at detecting movement, particularly in low light conditions, according to Jill Villarreal, PhD, head animal behaviorist at Open Farm. They are, in fact, much better at it than humans. Therefore, if ghosts exist and prefer appearing in darkness, dogs would possess a distinct advantage over humans in perceiving them.

Dogs’ hearing capabilities also exceed those of humans, enabling them to detect higher-pitched sounds from much farther distances. Russell Hartsein, a dog behavior consultant and trainer, states that dogs perceive the world differently from humans through auditory senses. This suggests that these differences may allow them to pick up on various sounds that humans cannot detect.

Furthermore, canines have another superpower — ESP, which is extra smell perception. According to Dr. Aramendi, a senior veterinarian who spoke in an interview with Reader’s Digest, dogs possess one of the most powerful senses of smell in the animal kingdom. Their olfactory abilities are 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive. In this regard, dogs exhibit a form of ESP, which suggests that dogs could potentially perceive ghosts through scent.

Dogs’ remarkable sensory abilities imply they may perceive ghosts if the supernatural is real. This adds yet another layer to the age-old mystery of the canine-human bond.

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