Labradane Dog Breed Profile (Great Dane & Lab Mix)

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Are you considering getting a Labradane but want to ensure they’re good dogs first?

It’s fantastic that you researched beforehand because although we adore Labradanes, they aren’t for everyone.

Even if the experience will be exciting, it’s normal to wonder: 

“Is a Labradane suitable for my home?”

Do they need constant attention and care?

In this article, you’ll learn the pros and cons of owning a Lab Dane mix, along with its living needs, personality, and much more.

Do you think a Lab and Dane mix fits you well? Let’s find out!

Labradane Dog Breed About & History

A Great Dane and Lab mix, sometimes called a Labradaine, is a giant hybrid dog created by crossing a Great Dane with a Labrador Retriever.

While its origin story remains elusive, this breed exhibits the best qualities of its parent breeds 

It often perfectly captures the endearing traits of the Labrador with the calmness of the Great Dane.

To help you understand what to expect from this breed, let’s quickly look at the Labradane dog’s parent breeds’ histories.

labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador was developed as a hunting and retrieving gundog.

Despite having Canadian origins, the breed was established and evolved in the UK into the beautiful dog we know and love today.

Today, Labradors are renowned for their adaptability; many still hunt and are frequently used as seeing-eye and sniffing dogs.

But where they really shine is as a family companion; many parents of young children claim they wouldn’t even think of getting another breed.

great dane

Great Dane 

Babylonian art and relics from ancient Egypt feature depictions of dogs that resemble the Great Dane.

The Assyrians may have transferred the dog to the Greeks and Romans, and it was eventually crossed with Mastiff-like canines to produce the modern-day Dane.

The Great Dane was known as the “boarhound” during this time in history and became a favorite of the German aristocracy in the 1600s.

When a French naturalist saw a skinny boar hound resembling a Greyhound, he named the dog “Great Dane.”

The Great Dane eventually arrived in the United States as German breeders continued to improve the breed.

Labradane Appearance

The dominant parent often determines how the Lab Dane mix will look.

You’ll typically find it to be a strong, large dog with a sleek, short-haired coat.

It usually has a short, glossy coat in various colors, including black, brown, yellow, white, and gray.

The Labradane is a large, muscular dog with exceptionally long limbs and a noble visage.

This breed’s face frequently reflects the Labrador’s recognizable kind eyes, which are matched by the Great Dane’s strong muzzle.

They have large, pendulous, forward-facing ears and a flat forehead.

This dog has a broad neck and a deep chest, and it needs to be sufficiently slim to have a tapered waist and an abdominal tuck.

They have long, thin tails with fur much longer than what is seen on their body.

Most Lab and Great Dane hybrids weigh between 100 and 180 pounds and stand between 24 and 30 inches tall.

Labradane Temperament

Due to its huge stature, the Lab Dane mix can be mistaken for an aggressive dog breed. 

In fact, most Labradanes are sensitive and affectionate, yearning for human company and developing strong bonds with their loved ones.

Having said that, it’s safe to call them ‘gentle giants.’

They too quickly become couch potatoes if they observe you or your family lounging around.

However, when you’re playing, they also become a quick and amusing playmate for you and the family.

Most of them are mellow and will alert you if someone approaches the door, but they will be the largest cuddle bear to the visitor!

Some of them, meanwhile, are protectors of their families and are hostile or distant toward the outsider.

They are simple to train since they like showing how quickly they can pick up new skills from their humans.

Labradane Puppies

Labradane puppies are far smaller than their parents, so they might easily be mistaken for another variety of Lab mix at an adoption center.

Your Labradane puppy will grow quickly, so while he’s still little, try to provide him with enjoyable experiences like getting carried around.

Keep in mind that even dogs this size might still be fragile.

Leg and joint issues are particularly risky in Great Danes and their offspring when they are still young.

To ensure that your Labradane puppy is in good shape, take them to the vet frequently.

Lab and great dane mix
Lab and Great Dane mix. Photo:

Labradane Maintenance and Grooming

Fortunately, the Labradane does not require a lot of maintenance.

They moderately shed, so brushing them every few days will help keep the amount of fur in the house to a minimum.

Did you know that infections thrive in the warmth of floppy ears?

The Lab Dane mix’s hanging ears need routine inspections to ensure they are free of odor and waxy buildups.

Check for any odor or redness because these are signs of infection.

To ward off cavities and gum disease, brush your Labradane’s teeth at least thrice weekly.

Lab and Great Dane Mix Life Expectancy

The expected lifespan of your Labradane is between 8 and 12 years.

Hip dysplasia and intestinal problems are among the conditions that the Lab Dane mix can experience.

Maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine is crucial for this breed because obesity can place undue stress on their joints.

Lab Dane Mix Common Health Problems

Due to the Lab and Great Dane’s hybrid status, they could inherit health problems from any parent breed.

These include the following:

Great Dane Health Problems

Labrador Retriever Health Problems

labradane dog
Labradane dog. Photo: in IG

Pros and Cons of Owning a Labradane

If you are a fur parent looking to grow your family, it’s likely that you are unsure of the best breed to choose

If you’re thinking about getting a Labradane, you’ll need to know the pros and cons of owning a Lab Dane mix.

No matter how much you may adore the two parent breeds, ensuring a Labradane is a good fit for your household is only fair to the two of you.


Active and energetic 

If you’re an adventure junkie, then a Labradane dog makes the best partner!  

Did you know that Labradors are among the most energetic and active breeds?

You now know from which parent the Labradane receives its limitless energy!

So it’s great to incorporate lots of activity into your Labradane routine, including swimming, running, and other games.

In order to channel their energy effectively, they require routine physical and mental stimulation.

Exercise for this breed certainly helps you stay active as well!

Easy to train

Good news, fur moms and dads who usually struggle with dog training!

It is simple to train a Lab and Great Dane mix. You can play the part yourself if you stick to a few simple guidelines for positive reinforcement.

For lasting, successful results, we advise that you begin training your Labradane puppy as soon as possible. 

If you train your woofer properly, you can make the process enjoyable and fruitful for both of you in the long run.

Friendly personality

Everything about this breed is geared toward blending into a family.

The typical response from a Labradane owner when asked to describe their dog is that of a devoted and amiable companion.

This breed has earned a well-deserved reputation as a gentle giant!

He enjoys spending time with his human family whenever possible, so having an active home is essential to keeping this dog occupied.

You’ll be astounded by how your Labradane loves socializing and can quickly become friends with anyone he meets.

As long as you can meet the needs of your Lab and Great Dane mix, you’re certain to have a new best friend!


Big size

Of course, some little breeds can be sick, and how well-cared-for your dog is throughout his life will affect his health.

However, a huge, heavy dog’s structure makes them more susceptible to hip dysplasia and joint issues.

Fortunately, you may help your Labradane dog’s joints by keeping a healthy weight, taking him for frequent walks, and giving him joint supplements.

Separation anxiety

As mentioned, your Labradane is a lively dog who continually seeks out human interaction.

When you leave him alone, he might show distress and behavioral issues—such as destructive chewing, digging, and howling, to mention a few.

We cannot emphasize enough how crucial exercise and mental stimulation are to lowering separation anxiety and stress.

So whenever you can, plan to take your Lab Dane mix to the park and play fetch with him in the yard.

Traveling will be harder

Do you love traveling with your pets?

Many vacation spots, domestic and foreign, are now dog-friendly, right?

This has boosted the number of families that travel with their dogs and spend their vacations together.

But the problem is-–having a huge breed, like Labradane, can make traveling more difficult.

He will reduce the space in your car luggage, and flying with him will cost more.

Not to mention that some vacation homes forbid or disallow large dogs on their grounds.

Lab and Dane mix. Photo:

Labradane Exercise and Trainability

The Labradane is an active dog. Thus, one must take extra care when handling it as a puppy.

While it grows, you should track his daily exercise schedule.

Your Lab and Great Dane mix will stay happy and healthy with a 30-minute stroll in the morning and evening and some playtime.

Be aware that this breed needs a fenced-in yard to play and is unsuitable for apartments.

You’d appreciate Labradane’s intelligence which makes him easy to train.

Our tip for you is to begin his training sessions at a young age and hire a trainer with a strong personality to offer leadership.

Note that your Lab Dane mix will only respond quickly when training sessions are full of excitement.

Once more, success relies on positive reinforcement!

Labradane Dietary Needs

The Lab Dane mix is a large dog that needs to burn calories.

This breed is notorious for binge eating, leading to bloat, obesity, and mobility issues in later life.

Pick a large dog-specific protein-focused kibble that supports their bones and joints.

Alternately, give your woofer a diet rich in healthy grains, cooked meat, and green veggies.

Your Labradane’s nutritional requirements will evolve as they do with all dogs from puppyhood through adulthood and into seniority.

It’s best to see a vet for advice on your woofer’s nutrition.

Labradane Dog Breed: FAQs

Is Labradane a good dog?

The Labradane dog makes a wonderful family dog as long as you know its need for training and activity.

The Lab Dane mix can be the ideal companion if you’re seeking a dog who likes to play and run with the kids or exercise with you.

Are Labradanes healthy?

Labradanes are regarded as being generally healthy dogs—although the deep-chested nature of the breed might cause bloat and stomach problems.

Labradane puppies can also inherit genetic issues from their parent breeds, broadening the range of diseases to which they are susceptible.

How do you tell if your dog is a Labradane?

Labradanes have a huge cranium, a flat, broad forehead, and a rectangular-shaped, well-defined, large muzzle.

The Lab Dane mix coats typically come in brown, black, and white. Most of the time, they are solid colors, though there may occasionally be tiny marks.

Are labradanes protective?

The Labradane dog is incredibly loyal and fiercely protective of his family.

This mixed breed is renowned for being gentle giants who are recognized for forming lasting bonds with people of all ages.

Are Labradanes aggressive?

The Labradane is an excellent family companion who will act as a watchdog without being aggressive.

Also, they get along with other animals nicely and usually react playfully rather than violently.

How big is a Labradane in 6 months?

At maturity, the Labradane can grow to be a large dog weighing up to 180 pounds. Exercise is essential as he might have a tendency to gain weight.

The exact size standards may vary, but given the Lab and Great Dane bloodlines, you may expect your dog to be on the larger end of the size spectrum.

The Lab and Dane mix is a lively and active dog that would make an ideal companion for an active fur parent.

If you have the time and energy to keep up with its huge size, this mixed breed will blend in perfectly with your family.

The Labradane’s personality is nothing short of appealing since it perfectly balances the Lab’s energy and the Great Dane’s calmness. 

They are active and game-ready, yet they can also easily relax and fit into the routine of daily life.

Labradanes are intelligent and quick learners adapting well to simple and complex training.

We guarantee you’ll create a devoted and obedient dog partner for yourself by providing it with the love, care, and training it needs!


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