500+ Medium-Length Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women

Medium hairstyles for women will generally have the locks fall anywhere from neck level to slightly below the shoulders. Many women choose to cut their longer locks for a medium length because it offers a vast variety of styling options with the hassle of long hair but is still long enough to give a comfortable feeling over shorter hair. Not too long and not too short and with the best styling options of both lengths, no wonder more and more women having been rocking medium length haircuts.

Mid-length hairstyles can still rock layers, curls, and braids but can also be cut into shags and bobs. The best part is, medium hairstyles that fall around the shoulder can still be style into updo hairstyles for those formal events. Below are some amazing medium hairstyles including many transformations from longer locks and also the trendiest cuts like the wolf cut.

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