6 Reasons an Empty Nest Means It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Entering the “Empty Nesters” phase of your life can cause whirlwind of emotions and be the very definition of bittersweet. 

Fewer dishes in the sink sounds great, until you realize you miss that voice coming from upstairs saying, “Hey mom, what’s for dinner?” While you’ve probably wished for more peace at times over the years, the dynamic of your daily life has inevitably shifted when the last hatchling left the nest. So, while you may be sad and missing the kids, you’ve got more time, space, and resources to invest in yourself and your home. With this in mind, we’ve picked the top 6 reasons why being an empty nester is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen! 

  1. Financial Feasibility – Just like purchasing a new car, a kitchen remodel is an investment, and it requires financial planning. An empty nest often comes with the advantage of reduced household expenses. With fewer mouths to feed, schedules to coordinate, and extracurriculars to pay for, this means extra money allocated toward home improvements that have been put on the backburner for too long. Not only can this remodel enhance the aesthetics of your living space but add ROI (return on investment) value as well if you plan to sell in the future. No more ignoring that cabinet door falling off the hinges, or that piece of countertop with a gash in it. The time for home improvement projects is now! 
  2. Enhanced Personalization – For many homeowners who’ve raised children, the kitchen they’ve had all these years has likely remained unchanged since their kids were young, perhaps with only small updates made here and there over the years. If this sounds like your situation, those minor changes probably didn’t exactly rekindle the passion for your kitchen that you once had. Now that the kids have flown the nest, you have the freedom to select design elements that resonate with your taste, while also optimizing the kitchen’s functionality for a smaller household. This newfound liberty allows for creative decisions, such as reducing seating to create additional storage space, or conversely, adding seating and paring down your small appliances, dishware, and other kitchen essentials.  
    • Pro Tip: Is a kid flying the nest and heading west to… college? Sift through your kitchenware to see what might be beneficial for them to take along. Save some money on necessary items for the dorm while also clearing out some cabinet space! This means older dishes, an air fryer you never use (like the rest of us), cups that don’t match your beautiful set from Target, etc. 
  3. Convenience/Accessibility – Transitioning to an empty nest means a new chapter brimming with possibilities. Remodeling your kitchen signifies the opportunity to reinvent your living space according to your needs and desires. With no kids in the house, the focus shifts from catering to their needs, to tending to your own preferences. While not many people are eager to embrace the passing of time, it’s okay to recognize the value of long-term planning. Incorporate elements that facilitate easy navigation. Imagine the convenience of pull-out shelves and storage solutions that banish the chaos. Thoughtful touches can transform cooking and cleaning your kitchen from routine tasks to enjoyable experiences. Your new kitchen won’t just be more visually appealing, it will be tailored to your lifestyle! 
  4. Lifestyle Enhancement – Now is where things can get really fun. Do you enjoy a morning cup of coffee while you read? Do you want to spend your remote workday at the kitchen counter? Do you desire to experiment with new recipes? Think about your hobbies that take place in the kitchen, and then consider what can be changed in the space to cater to those specific interests. Add a breakfast nook to spend a few moments alone in the mornings. Create a breakfast bar or home office. Think of the workflow you’d prefer when cooking to reduce time and frustration when moving around the space. As an empty nester, you now have the freedom to turn your kitchen into a versatile hub that accommodates all of your diverse activities. 
  5. Emotional Rejuvenation – While this may often be overlooked when considering a remodel, the empty nest phase often comes with a mix of emotions as you adjust to this new chapter in your life. Use these home projects to serve as emotional renewal. Focus on the exciting and positive aspects of this transition. By changing the living space around you, you can invest in your own well-being, embracing this change with your arms wide open. Creating a new environment may be therapeutic, representing a fresh start and facilitating a feeling of empowerment.  
  6. Preparing for the Future – Whether being an empty nester means growing old in your home, or remodeling it to sell and downsize, considering the future is important no matter what your plans are. If you plan to stay in your home, and grandchildren are on the horizon, you may think about accommodating large family gatherings. If you plan to sell your home, you may consider remodeling it with a timeless mindset so that it ages well when you’re ready to list it on the market.


We know, it’s a lot to take in, and you’ve spent the last two decades putting other, smaller versions of yourself first. But here’s the thing… it’s your turn. Much like purchasing a car signifies a fresh start on the road, a kitchen remodel is the beginning of a new phase in your life, within the heart of your home. This new empty nest phase gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself and the new memories you’ll create in your space.  

You’ll never forget watching your kids grow older every year as they sit and eat cereal at the breakfast table beaming with excitement (or dread) for the first day of school, but as they’ve grown and their tastes have changed, so have yours, and your home has every right to reflect your growth, too. While your kids are off evolving their needs and fulfilling their aspirations, it’s time for you to enhance your living space, embracing this new chapter with enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

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