Iconic TV Kitchens: Breaking Bad

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It’s time to cook. The iconic words have had two vastly different meanings in the five-season run of the critically acclaimed TV show, “Breaking Bad”. But the only cooking we’ll be discussing today takes place in the White family home, situated in a comfortable, humdrum neighborhood in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And while the kitchen may not have been as utilized compared to, say, sitcoms, many significant events have happened over the seasons in this space and have housed a handful of grippingly dramatic scenes. But above all, it’s always looked like a space that’s been lived in. It feels as real and convincing as the characters. But you may have seen a particular angle of the kitchen in the past and been curious, what’s it made of? What and how was the kitchen designed? While there’s never been any official release of this information, by going angle by angle, frame by frame, we can make some educated guesses into how and why this kitchen was designed. 

These cherry cabinets aren’t in danger, they are the danger. And they’re bringing the pain, clashing against a beige background. The pronounced graining gives off a very traditional, classic effect. The oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls blend in, dark element complimenting dark element. One of the more unique elements is the small, farmhouse inspired butcher’s block countertop. Offering a mix of functionality as well as visual freshness, the oak butcher’s block atop the white base breaks up the darker cabinetry that can make the kitchen feel a bit more closed off. Another unique design choice is the lack of a traditional backsplash. The designer for this kitchen instead chose to keep a consistent color and texture throughout the kitchen. Moving down from the walls, we get to the countertops, which appear to be a darker granite which builds off the darker cherry cabinets and accessories. These countertops spill over into a breakfast bar area which is perfect for entertaining or just having a multi-functional space to study, eat, read, and more. 

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The other side of design here is how they chose to fill the space with a wide array of décor. Taking place in New Mexico, we see a lot of regionally inspired pieces, placed on top of the cabinets, a creative way to utilize additional space and show off some of your personality. This kitchen in particular features colorful, ceramic bowls, plates, and other assorted pieces that play off of the South-Western influenced space. The overall design of the kitchen is best described as eclectic. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is an appeal out there for these many differing kitchen elements happening at once. 

At the end of the day, this kitchen is very representative of many families across the country. It’s lived in, maybe some parts aren’t the prettiest, but it’s functional and gets the job done. It’s best described as a Southwestern farmhouse-style kitchen which seeks to serve a large family, big get-togethers, and promote conversation in and out of the kitchen with it’s open-style approach. It’s only a shame that for Walter, Skylar, and Walter Jr., the good times didn’t last. Breaking Bad’s kitchen is a perfect example of enjoy what you have while you’ve got it…and be careful what you cook. 




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