These Inexpensive Food Storage Containers are Perfect for an Organized Pantry on a Budget

Organizing a pantry can be a costly project. Visit any home influencer’s Instagram feed, and you’ll likely see expensive baskets, bins, and food storage containers neatly lining pantry shelves. If you want that streamlined look but are working with a modest budget, you don’t have to compromise — use similar but less expensive materials for an Instagram-worthy pantry.

Tips for Pantry Organization for Less

The goal of pantry organization is to make it easy to see what food you have on hand and keep it organized. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pantry makeover. Instead, try some of these tips.

These Inexpensive Food Storage Containers are Perfect for an Organized Pantry on a Budget

Utilize Inexpensive but Matching Food Storage Containers

Organizing a pantry requires a variety of containers. Large containers house bulky items like uncooked spaghetti, cereal, oats, and rice. Smaller containers can fit more niche items like chocolate chips for your favorite cookie recipe or a package of candy. 

For continuity, it’s best to use the same type or brand of small container and the same type of large container since these items will sit next to each other on a shelf.

Out of Space? Create a Pantry Drawer to House Your Food

If you have no dedicated pantry but have deep drawers, create your own food storage system utilizing container sets, like TikToker The Kwendy Home. Mess around with the organization until you find the best way to arrange your containers. Be sure that the least used items are on the bottom and the food/snacks you reach for the most are on top.

Hit Up the Dollar Tree for Storage Bins

Expensive and cheap bins all serve the same purpose—to contain items. To stretch your money as far as possible, utilize bins from The Dollar Tree. Affordable and aesthetically pleasing baskets are also available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Make Your Pantry Look Fresh with a New Coat of Paint

Dirty or scuffed-up paint jobs can ruin the look of a room, including the pantry. A quick coat of paint on the walls and shelves allows you to customize the look and spruce up the pantry in a big way without splurging.

Utilize Cardboard Boxes

Make your own bins by saving your cardboard boxes and wrapping them in pretty paper or fabric. You’ll get a custom look for pennies on the dollar. Plus, you can cut down boxes to be the exact size your pantry needs.

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