Bessie Coleman Micro Portrait | Robin Moses Nail Art Story

This portrait will be dedicated to The Walker African-American Museum & Research Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Walker Family created and ran the first black owned full service salon in North Las Vegas. These women were my mentors, the family that took me in when I needed it most and taught me how to listen, file and dream without guilt in a safe environment. (The website is coming soon!) Thank you so much, Gwen, Miss Juanita and especially Miss Rose and Miss Debra. Without your kindness I would never have had the voice to share this today.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

Fun Fact if you read these. I found my biological dad right as my mother passed away. My biological father introduced me to my step-mother who worked in cotton fields for sharecroppers. I immediately talked about Bessie with her and she knew her story! That made me even closer to Bessie, her and my father in the short time we had together. She passed weeks after my father, a tiny woman who had restless legs and told stories like you hear about in books. She taught me that “shittin in high cotton” meant you were in good shape and doing well. She told me stories of picking cotton until her fingers would bleed and she would have to braid the cotton for bandages. I thought I would share that since they have both passed and I want these for my family. I loved them and I love that I shared this story. Thank you for reading 😀

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