End of Summer Neon Nails | Lets GLOW! Nail Art Design 2023

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FOUND in the hot playlist, This cute abstract neon summer design that glows in the dark is a full nail tutorial coming in under the wire before we back up and start unpacking the Halloween glitter and gems! haha! I LOVED this design, how its done, how fun it looks and how well it is received. It is a design you can make your own and also mess up a bit and can fix it quite easily. it is so inexpensive to make this nail design and for pennies you can have this look in your library of hand painted nail art wizardry! NO ONE can take that from you. No one can take what you create from you. Products can be discontinued, Your supplies can get lost, break, get stolen but no one can take away your skills and your knowledge so practice and be patience you GOT THIS and here is a perfect design to start with. If it comes up too late this season, change the colors to fall colors and show me on my instagram @robinmosesnailart or #nailartsisterhood #inspiredbyrobinmoses or just leave me a comment and hopefully i can see! I learn social media every day just like you are learning nail art so for me, I am also having to practice what i preach! haha! have a wonderful day and have fun painting your nails! for beginners to advanced nail techs, this summer neon flower psychedelic design on neon pinks and oranges is just stunning!!!!!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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