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Olaplex Hair Treatment

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Last month I had the pleasure of visiting is. Salon in Yaletown to experience their Olaplex Treatment. This is an add-on treatment to any service you may be receiving and it promises to repair and leave your hair super soft and shiny through a couple of hair washes!

I was greeted by my stylist Rebecca right at the entrance and immediately, I loved how open the space was combined with the chill vibe of the salon. I am already thinking about my next appointment which might be extensions and colour!

Olaplex Hair Treatment
My hair was first brushed out and shampooed kind of like cleansing the face before you apply any treatments! The Olaplex Treatment is a salon exclusive hair mask that is a 15-20 minute treatment that is massaged through the hair in small sections from root to tip. I quite liked this part because it was very relaxing!
After 20 minutes, the Olaplex Treatment was shampooed out and conditioner was added – all with an amazing head massage because why else would anyone come to a hair salon?! This is like THE event that we all look forward to! I can see why there are head spas just for shampooing hair!
Olaplex Hair Treatment

Before blow drying, Rebecca applied a few drops of the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, as it can be used on wet hair (I started doing this as well after this treatment!) and then again after my hair was dry to really bring out my hair’s natural shine. I am a big hair oil person as my ends get SO DRY and crunchy from heat styling and this oil feels so lightweight that I can use it multiple times and on hair that is 2-3 days old without it looking weighed down. Keep in mind that my hair is on the more dry side.
Olaplex Hair Treatment

We went with beachy waves and lemme tell ya, the absolute LIGHTNESS of my hair and how weightless it felt was insane! Yes, there is always salon magic, but I even let my coworkers touch it and they were like “Oooh aahhh!”
Olaplex Hair Treatment

The results of this treatment lasted about 4 washes before the softness was really all gone, but if I was getting haircut or colour, I would add this treatment right on since I am one of those people who go to the salon once a year so I want to make it count! It starts at $72 so could also be used as a really nice refresher if you don’t feel like doing your colour and would just like the ends of your hair to look a little healthier (like myself) while getting a trim. 
You can book an Olaplex Treatment at is. Salon at

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