MAKEUP | Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review and Look

Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review

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Years ago, the Montreal-founded brand Attitude made its way into my beauty life via their Superleaves collection and household cleaning products. The products are made Canada, EWG verified, vegan, cruelty-free and strive to reduce waste in their packaging. Last May, Attitude launched their makeup line Oceanly, a line of plastic-free makeup made with 99% ingredients of natural origin including skin-loving ingredients like phytoglycogen and collagen. This collection of products includes everything you will need for a full face of glowy, natural-looking makeup from foundation and concealer to blush and highlighter. All the makeup products are also free of fragrance, carmine, titanium oxide and beeswax. While this isn’t something I prioritize too highly in my makeup products, I do value mindful packaging and having no plastic whatsoever is something I find pretty incredible considering how many products there are in this launch!


Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review

While you can buy the products individually, I was sent the Silky Pink Makeup Set which is for a truly natural look. If you purchase this set, you end up getting the lipgloss in Silky Pink for free. The set also includes a hydrating cream blush in the shade Silky Pink as well as a cream highlighter in Golden Rose. 

Let’s talk about the plastic-free packaging because we have all seen cardboard packaging before and I understand why people like plastic because it changes the experience of makeup and skincare. I get it, but if you are someone who just wants what’s inside to be quality, Oceanly has done a solid job with the packaging. That balance between luxury and “natural makeup” is a fine line and though this packaging leans towards the latter, the R&D process behind it all is very much cutting-edge. Firstly, all of the ink on the packaging is biodegradable as well as the protective coating on the cardboard (vegetable-based). The cardboard is FSC-certified and comes from responsibly managed forests.

Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review

Each of the products is push up and if you go to the Attitude website, it even tells you approximately how many uses/how long the product is expected to last! For example, the cream blush is expected to last 425 uses/14 months! I think that’s a cool little detail that helps rationalize the price of the products because I definitely experienced sticker shock when I saw how much each product cost. The blush and highlighter are each $30 CDN which is a price you would pay for a luxury product so buying Oceanly is what I would call a very “mindful purchase” as you are factoring in what it takes to create plastic-free, low waste products. I remember reading that eating organic is more expensive and I think it applies to beauty as well.  

All three products contain phytoglycogen which gives skin a healthy glow and long-lasting hydration while the blush and highlighter also contain algae extract to make skin soft and supple. The lip gloss, which I would call more a a shiny lip balm, contains 2% collagen which I DEFINITELY want in a lip product for long-term plumping!

One more detail to keep in mind, when using the actual products, keep one finger on the bottom so that the product doesn’t get pushed back down as you are pressing down on your skin!

Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review

As you can see from the swatches on my hand, everything is very subtle. The textures of the blush and highlighter were both very creamy, but I feel the blush was a bit too subtle for my skintone. I would have definitely wanted to try some of the darker shades like Rose or Happy Berry as I feel they would have been more my style, but I give a thumbs for ease of application! 

The highlighter looked a bit ashy on my initial swatch, but on the skin looked more like a subtle, cool shimmer. I found it nice on the face as well as on the collarbone and shoulders. It wasn’t sticky and worked best for me applied with fingers.  

While I was a bit disappointed at how sheer the Silky Pink Lip Gloss was, the shine and the texture was REALLY nice. I felt like my lips looked naturally more plump right away and my lips did not feel sticky. This balmy texture honestly felt so soothing that I am seriously considering buying the other two darker shades in Happy Berry and Ginger!

Oceanly by Attitude Makeup Look
In these above photo of the makeup look, I felt like the blush did not show up at all no matter how much I layered it. The highlighter did stand out and make me look quite glowy though.
Oceanly by Attitude Makeup Look

I did end up adding a darker cream blush as I felt I looked a bit pale, but I left the highlighter and lip gloss untouched.
Oceanly by Attitude Silky Pink Makeup Set Review

Final verdict: Though this first interaction with Oceanly wasn’t quite a match made in heaven, I am incredibly interested in their foundation, concealer and the tinted oil stick so stay tuned as this review is just the beginning! 

You can find Oceanly by Attitude at the flagship location in Montreal and online at

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