NAILS | Chanel Singularité Swatch #MidWeekMani

Chanel Singularité Swatch

Gifted by Gerry

I was on a post scheduling kick last week while I was off and was about to schedule this one, but decided not to as part of what I like about these simple swatch posts is that they capture my mood at present. I was only back at work for all of three days and when I woke up yesterday, I was convinced it was Sunday and I could sleep in. I think I would honestly just rather be out enjoying the sun and being at home with my furbabies, but I do have expensive taste so this gal will probably need to work for at least the next 25 years! 

Last Fall, Chanel released 12 new nude polish shades guaranteed to match any skintone and though I hadn’t planned on picking up anything from this launch, my beauty blogger friend Gerry ended up gifting this rosy nude shade to me as it didn’t quite work out for her. She even figured I could probably use its pretty bottle in a post and lo and behold here it is! 

Chanel Singularité Swatch
The real reason I even wore this shade back in April (on my beautifully long rounded nails) was for a big brand visit for work. I was cautioned that wild designs and colours might not be appropriate and that a neutral shade would probably be best. Think what you will about that, but it ended up being very chic looking even though I can’t imagine myself wearing this shade on its own again. It did have a beautiful finish, applied nicely and though it was a bit similar to my skin tone, a solid nude polish. 
Chanel Singularité Swatch

I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying the sun and life and ready for Friday!

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