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OPI Gemini and I Swatch

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I always have a secret blog post goal of 10 posts/month and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t even close to that amount this month! I guess with work in Paris and then getting ready for the trip, my mind really was elsewhere! 

Honestly, I am both relieved and so so happy at how the trip went. I almost resigned because I didn’t want to get on that plane so the weeks, days and hours leading up to the flight were filled with a ton of anxiety even though I did my best to control it. I don’t think I ate properly for a week before the trip and I lost a bit of weight as well. I just felt sick to my stomach 24-7. I was even monitoring my heart rate with my Apple watch and I would see it go up to 100 beats/minute as I was *thinking* about flying and the trip itself!

Then the flight was delayed for an hour and in my mind I thought “Now, it’s going to be close to 11 hours on this thing…”, but then my therapist told me to use logic when I started to go to that dark place so I had to tell myself that I could just go to sleep and that either way, I needed to get to Paris! When I finally landed and got out of security almost 2 hours late, my room wasn’t going to be ready at the hotel for another 3 hours so I met up with my husband and my MIL who were staying in a friend’s apartment and ended up taking a 1.5h nap since I slept all of 45 minutes on the 9 hour flight. I just can’t sleep on planes, but I need to train myself to do it! It would have made life so much more bearable!

OPI Gemini and I Swatch

I had a welcome cocktail party for Chaumet that night so I wanted to get a bit of sleep in before getting ready and I think I slept for about an hour more and then put on a happy face. The event turned out to be fun once we all started chatting and I often have to remind myself that instinctively, I generally never want to go out and be social, but that once I do it, I feel good about it! And I’d already survived the flight and only had 4 days in Paris so I NEEDED to make them count in every way possible. Whether this trip was good or bad was totally up to ME and I basically just flipped a switch every day and told myself it was going to be good. It actually turned out to be GREAT and all the higher ups were really happy with how I represented myself and our company which was so incredibly validating after having gone through a very challenging year when it came to my worth at work.
I think I will talk more about Paris in another post as I feel like I accomplished some big personal milestones this month alone and sort of want to keep the momentum going! While I have Instagram stories to look back on, I think it would be a nice memento for me to have the trip documented in a blog post since Chaumet also showed us a lot about Paris even though we were working which I appreciated. It made me definitely want to go back to the city again! There really wasn’t enough time to eat and see anything!
OPI Gemini and I Swatch
As for this polish? I don’t normally wear metallics like this, but it was actually a great neutral colour AND it did not chip at all for well over a week! I was tempted to wear this to Paris, but switched to another nude shade instead. This is two coats of Gemini and I and it is really lovely! 

Have a great weekend!

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