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OPI Infinite Shine Exercise Your Brights Swatch

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How do days off go by so quickly? Tuesday, I knew would go by quickly as I was out most of the afternoon for the Kiehl’s event and then stayed downtown until 5pm so that my husband and I could go home together. I actually had a ton of client stuff to take care of so I ended up going to work and catching up on a few things. I had three glorious days off and now I am on the last one and I am sad. I feel like I never really got a break and what makes me upset is that it was my own fault. I was the one checking my work email since I have a few big client things on the go and I even shipped my very first Poshmark sale! I’ve been pretty lazy about poshing even though I know it’s all the rage now, but I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of selling to strangers. I would honestly rather just give it away and save myself the hassle, but I tried it and we shall see if the buyer likes what she purchased!

OPI Infinite Shine Exercise Your Brights Swatch

Since we are all about reds and pinks this month, OPI’s Exercise Your Brights seemed like a fitting choice! It is one of my most used shades in the Spring and Summer because I mean, just LOOK AT IT! There is a hint of shimmer in it and when you have a bit of a tan, this shade really puts you in the mood for summer!

OPI Infinite Shine Exercise Your Brights Swatch

 I hope all is well with everyone as I am honestly having a bit of a day today so here’s to hoping I snap out of it soon! Have a good Thursday!

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