NAILS | OPI Infinite Shine Kiss My Aries Swatch #MidWeekMani

OPI Infinite Shine Kiss My Aries Swatch

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I wore this manicure the week before Christmas because it truly is a festive holiday red! Though this was from the Fall Big Zodiac Energy collection, I totally think that “Kiss My Aries” is the perfect Christmas red with how much fire it has in it AND this was a one coater! Like, what?! I have used this shade a few times in my manicures since receiving the collection and it is one of my FAVOURITE reds to use. It also works for Lunar New Year, so I might keep it out for next month as well!

OPI Infinite Shine Kiss My Aries Swatch

As for life, work is slowly “getting there”, still much work to be done, but I think the environment will eventually change for the better. As for me, I have a stupid cold AGAIN. I used to be someone who never got sick and since 2022, it has been fairly consistent in terms of my getting sick once before Christmas and once after. This time, I caught a cold from Casey as he got sick about 5 days ago after just coming back from Montreal. He never seems to get sick from me, but I get sick from him! He never caught COVID when I had it twice so I think he is truly special. I’m just nursing the cold for now with multiple cups of tea, but is also doesn’t help that starting yesterday, Vancouver dropped 10 degrees and now it is currently -12 degrees and freezing in my apartment! As we speak, I am typing with fingerless gloves!

OPI Infinite Shine Kiss My Aries Swatch

Stay warm for those also in the middle of a cold spell as well!

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