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OPI Nail Envy Big Apple Red Swatch

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This week is just FLYING and yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing and am playing catch up. This week at work we have had a few corporate visits which always seem to take half the day along with a new hire which always takes some extra time to make sure they are up and running. I feel like I haven’t had a moment to myself until today in the late afternoon and though I know that my job title involves giving up my time for others, I know that what makes me happiest is dealing just with clients so when there are weeks like this where I can’t really do that, I can feel my energy resources depleting. Tomorrow I have about three hours to get what I need done and then the rest of my afternoon will be client-based which is nice.

I wore this shade of red the day that I knew I needed to feel empowered and even though I ended up leaving work very upset, I DID have very nice nails! A few core shades were released with the iconic Nail Envy formula and I actually use the Alpine Snow version quite often for nail art!

To go back to work, I haven’t had time off since early April and I can really feel like I need it. I have some time off scheduled at the end of June/beginning of July for my birthday so I am REALLY looking forward to it! For some reason, turning 41 seems far more exciting than the year I turned 40…maybe it was the fact that I had shingles a few months before and I was honestly having the year of hell at work. 41 seems a bit more hopeful on many fronts.


OPI Nail Envy Big Apple Red Swatch
Who is excited for the weekend?!

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