NAILS | OPI Nature Strong Vegan Glitter with “Eco For It” #MidWeekMani

OPI Nature Strong Eco For It Swatch

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I feel like I somewhat have it together this week when it comes to scheduling and blogging thanks to having just one additional day off this week. I took a vacation day yesterday as we are in this period of the year where things quiet down and people should take more vacation time, but they don’t! It’s also summer in Vancouver which is always so beautiful so I don’t know why all of us in luxury sales decide to go to work versus taking time off! I am actually going on staycation for my birthday starting next week which will be a nice time since my husband will also take some time off and my plans are literally to go for walks on the seawall, visit my mom in Steveston and keep working on my beauty organization, which I DO find fun despite how draining it is. I just look forward to having less stuff and more space to work with!


OPI Nature Strong Eco For It Swatch
Onto the mani! You don’t see glitter much in the vegan world, but OPI has released some new shades in their Nature Strong collection that are waaaay more glittery than I was expecting! Their glitter is made from cellulose and sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees! How cool is that? I have layered the blue glitter “Eco For It” on top of OPI Nature Strong Cactus What You Preach which I thought would really make the glitter pop as it sits in a clear base.

OPI Nature Strong Eco For It Swatch

Expect to see me here a lot next week! 

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