Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show 2024: A Vibrant Convergence of Beauty Innovation

The bustling entrance of the 2024 Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show held February 4 – 5. 
 -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

The bustling entrance of the 2024 Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show held February 4 – 5.

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

The Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show, now in its second edition, took place on February 4-5, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center, a stone’s throw from the Disneyland Resort. This year’s event saw a significant turnout, with 11,600 attendees, marking a 16% increase from the inaugural event in 2023. Notably, 69% were first-time attendees, and 28% were students, representing a diverse mix of professionals from across the beauty industry.

Elevating the Experience

This year, the show was strategically located in a separate hall to provide a more user-friendly layout. Organizers aimed to enhance the overall attendee experience with live music and complimentary amenities like mimosas and coffee, creating an engaging and welcoming atmosphere. For a look back at the 2023 Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show, visit Premiere 2023.

Diverse Exhibitor Showcase

The beauty show featured 106 exhibitors, with 47 making their debut this year. Among the nail-related exhibitors were notable names in the nail industry, including Centre for Beauty Salon Supply, Dreamtime Creations, Evolution Nail Products, Footlogix, Glitterbels, North American School of Podology, PodoSafe International, and Starryindustry. These exhibitors presented a wide array of products and innovations, catering to the evolving needs of beauty professionals.

Spotlight on Industry Experts

Nellie Neal  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Nellie Neal

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

My initial encounter was with Nellie Neal, a globally recognized pedicure specialist. Nellie represented Centre for Beauty Salon Supply, renowned for its extensive range of advanced pedicure supplies. Operating under “Get Nailed by Nellie” in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Nellie has been perfecting the craft of nail technology since 2006. His journey began in a comprehensive Cosmetology program before he pivoted to specialize in nail care. Pedicures quickly became his calling, leading him to acquire certifications as a Certified Master Pedicurist and Certified Podologist.

Nellie has a preference for pedicures over manicures, attributing it to the gratifying results and greater financial rewards. He encourages aspiring nail technicians to pursue their passions diligently. Nellie also observes that foot embarrassment is common among clients, positioning pedicures as both a challenge and an opportunity to boost clients’ self-esteem through improved foot health and aesthetics. Discover the impact of Nellie’s expertise on Instagram at @getnailedbynellie.

Brittney Chin  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Brittney Chin

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Following that, I had the opportunity to speak with Brittney Chin, a representative for Evolution Nail Products. This company, based in West Hills, California, offers an extensive selection of nail products tailored for professional nail technicians. Brittney, who has been crafting nails professionally since 2014, shared that her passion for nail art began in her childhood, nurtured by mother-daughter manicure sessions. These cherished moments with her mother sparked a self-driven journey into the nail industry, culminating in her formal education in nail technology.

Before her tenure at Evolution Nail Products, Brittney enriched her career as an educator with various nail companies across Southern California. She treasures the autonomy and client relationships that come with being a Nail Technician the most. Brittney practices her nail artistry in her private suite in Montclair, California. To view Brittney’s captivating nail designs, follow her on Instagram at @nailgazms.

Annabel Maginnis  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Annabel Maginnis

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Glitterbels by Annabel, hailing from the U.K., captivated attendees with its inaugural U.S. trade show appearance. The Glitterbels booth was unmissable, boasting the show’s most extensive and vibrantly pink nail-centric display, complete with an unforgettable life-sized white unicorn adorned with Swarovski crystals, pink mane, and floral decorations. Since its inception in 2017, Glitterbels has risen to prominence as one of the U.K.’s leading nail product suppliers. Aiming to widen its footprint in the U.S. market, the brand has recently set up a secondary base in Atlanta, Georgia. (Currently, Glitterbels is on the lookout for qualified educators to aid in its U.S. expansion efforts.) Glitterbels offers a comprehensive selection of professional nail products, including a vast array of acrylic powders, gel polish shades, and builder gels.

Annabel Maginnis, the founder of Glitterbels and a certified Nail Technician, embarked on her nail journey in 2015 from her mother’s kitchen. During a brief interlude from her nail art demonstrations, I spoke with Annabel. She emphasized the importance of ongoing learning, practice, and the drive to continually embrace new challenges for both novice and seasoned nail professionals. To witness Annabel’s exquisite nail art, follow her on Instagram at @nails_by_annabel_m.

Keeli Moriarty and Vicki Malo  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Keeli Moriarty and Vicki Malo

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

The North American School Of Podology (NASP) showcased its commitment to excellence with a standout exhibit at the trade show. With over 30 years of operation in Ontario, Canada, NASP has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive educational programs that extend well beyond the basics of pedicure training, encompassing advanced techniques, up-to-date health and safety protocols, and salon management guidance. Additionally, NASP offers an extensive selection of nail care products, including pedicure tools, specialty implements, and electronic file bits tailored for pedicures.

NASP President Vicki Malo and Educator Keeli Moriarty enlightened attendees with sessions focused on essential practices for ensuring clients’ foot health and aesthetics. I had the pleasure of conversing with Keeli Moriarty. Keeli’s journey into foot care began due to injuries sustained from dance, martial arts, and sports activities, leading her to achieve her Manicurist license in 2012. Her dedication to foot health propelled her to attain higher qualifications, including the Certified Master Pedicure (CMP) credential. In 2019, Keeli became an NASP educator, imparting her knowledge in the CMP program. Keeli advocates for continuous learning and mastery of product-specific techniques among nail professionals, emphasizing the importance of practice. Discover more about Keeli’s expertise by following her at @footfocusbykeeli.

Educational Opportunities

The trade show offered over 175 complimentary classes and 16 hands-on workshops, focusing on various aspects of beauty and nail care. Educators like Charli Jepson and Madison Casanova from Glitterbels, Vicki Malo and Keeli Moriarty from the North American School Of Podology, Susi Norfolk from Centre for Beauty, and Jaime Schrabeck from Precision Nails shared their knowledge and expertise, emphasizing the importance of education in the beauty industry.

The class “Hard Gels Made Easy”, was led by Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D., from Precision Nails. Holding a nail technician license since 1992, Jaime owns and operates Precision Nails, an employee-oriented salon in Carmel, California. She is recognized for her extensive expertise and multifaceted roles in the beauty sector, including as an advocate, educator, and nail technician. In this session, she navigated through the vast array of products for nail extension and reinforcement, addressing the dilemma nail technicians face in selecting the most effective and efficient options.

Jaime demonstrated the application of hard gel for enhancing the natural nails, aiming for a result that combines aesthetics with durability. She emphasized the importance of streamlining the application and maintenance process to save time and prevent lifting and breakage. For further insights into Jaime’s work and background, visit

The next class I attended was “Pedicuring with Confidence”, led by Susi Norfolk on behalf of Centre for Beauty. As the proprietor and nail technician at Perfect 10 Advanced Nail Care in Costa Mesa, California, Susi is renowned for her extensive knowledge and teaching skills in nail and foot care, including specialized toenail restoration methods. This session aimed to demonstrate how the right products can simplify a nail technician’s workflow, boost profitability, and enhance client satisfaction. Susi highlighted the critical role of understanding product ingredients, protocols, and selecting appropriate pedicure supplies. She recommended several products from Centre for Beauty’s lineup, notably the LCN pedicure range and the sa’Shá callus care solution.

Susi expressed her concern over the underappreciation of nail technicians’ expertise and the undervaluation of their services by the public. Her advice to nail professionals is to engage in continuous learning post-licensing and to passionately pursue their craft in nail care. To view Susi’s exemplary work, check out @perfect10_susi on Instagram.

The concluding class I participated in was “How to Apply Glitterbels Hema-Free Builder Gel”, hosted by Charli Jepson and Madison Casanova. This session featured the pair showcasing the use of Glitterbels’ builder gel for various purposes, including as an overlay on natural nails, for applying tips, and for sculpting extensions.

Charli Jepson, based in the UK, embarked on her career as a Nail Technician two decades ago, drawn by the flexibility it offered to support her family. She quickly grew to love the creative aspect and client interactions. Currently serving as the Head of Education at Glitterbels, Charli plays a crucial role in driving the brand’s educational initiatives. She identifies a major industry challenge as the tendency of untrained individuals to purchase and apply nail products independently, often leading to poor outcomes or injuries, which in turn breeds mistrust towards the nail industry. Follow Charli’s social media journey at @charlijepson.

Madison Casanova, from Oceanside, California, discovered her passion for nail art during the COVID-19 pandemic by experimenting on her own nails. She now finds joy in sharing this passion with her clients and enhancing their happiness. Madison is also dedicated to furthering education within the nail industry, with aspirations to establish a nail school focused on advanced techniques. To see Madison’s creative designs, visit her at @madinaileditt.

Reflections and Future Outlook

Trade Show Floor  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Trade Show Floor

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

The 2024 Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show not only highlighted the latest trends and products but also underscored the critical role of education, specialization, and personal connections in the beauty industry. This event serves as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of the beauty sector, driven by dedicated individuals committed to excellence and innovation.

For those passionate about beauty and seeking inspiration, the Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show remains an essential event, offering insights into the future of the industry and opportunities to connect with leading professionals.

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