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I have often raved about T&T Supermarket and their wide variety of well-priced sheet masks. I especially like that they sell quite a number of Chinese brands as most sheet masks we see are Korean. On one of my more recent visits, I came across the Chinese brand Chando and a collection of sheet masks that involved some mountain wildlife and what reminded me of an Asian interpretation of Snow White. It was definitely the packaging that sold me on this and it was a hunch that ended up working out! 

What makes this mask special? Using Google Translate, this mask features 92% plant-based ingredients including Himalayan purple grass, which grows at an altitude of 500-2500m and is cold and snow-resistant and when applied to the skin, helps it to resist the elements as well. I cannot find much information about Himalayan purple grass with regard to skincare, but I would like to believe that what they are claiming it does is true! 

The packaging also makes reference to a 3D technology that refers to the meshwork of the fabric of the mask that slowly lets moisture through continuously to the skin. 

This mask is also made of 100% plant fibres and is biodegradable while also being incredible soft on the skin and contouring snugly around all facial curves.

Chando Himalaya Comfrey Pore Tightening Mask

Chando Himalaya Comfrey Pore Tightening Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I am pretty sure I paid about $12 for 5 masks

What it does: Clarifying

Scent: Lightly floral and refreshing

Essence Type: Slightly watery

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Thin, silky fabric

Mask Fit: Very comfortable

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: I would say medium only because I think if it was a drier night or someone with dry skin, you would feel the need for moisturizer.

Other notes: Reminds me so much of My Beauty Diary in terms of mask fabric and results which is a good thing!

Final verdict: Mask fabric was soft, silky and comfortable and I tend to like masks like this that leave no tackiness and let me still apply moisturizer on top! I thought the price was good and the brightened skin as a result was more than enough reason for me to say that I would purchase these masks again! 

You can find Chando at T&T Supermarket.

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