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JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask

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In the spirit of wellness, I am having my first consultation with a therapist today and fingers crossed we are a good fit! I used to see pedicures and facials as a way of de-stressing, but now I think I need to be more open to taking care of my mental state in a different way. I think being Asian, there is a cultural stigma regarding therapy. Asian medicine is very much about herbs, massages and meditation, but it doesn’t really focus on talking about your emotions and admitting that sometimes all of the potions and lotions aren’t enough! And believe me, I have a lot of those! I have never seen a therapist before so I am oddly looking forward to the experience in the same way I look forward to a new massage or facial place.

JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask

What makes this mask special? Other than the angry baby on the packaging, this mask is safe for pregnant women and for those with extremely dry and sensitive skin! In terms of ingredients, it contains a high concentration of niacinamide as well as an amino acid complex and collagen to firm and increase elasticity in the skin. 90% of the ingredients in this mask are of natural origin and there is also multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the essence! 

JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask
In classic JM Solution fashion, the close and thin of this mask is pure perfection and look next to invisible on my skin! Despite how thin it is, there is a lot of product soaking in the mask sheet making this one of the more hydrating masks I have tried!

JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask

JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: ~$5 CDN

What it does: Provides intense nourishment, hydration and firming for youthful skin!

Scent: Slightly floral and overall fairly neutral

Essence Type: Lightly viscous

Duration: 30 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: Soft material, folded nicely along all facial contours

Tackiness: Light/medium

Hydration: On the heavier side! It was a humid night when I used this mask, so I did not add any moisturizer as it felt a bit much.

Other notes: I woke up with a very shiny, oily face so maybe this mask was a bit intense for the summer! 

JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask

Final verdict: As I mentioned, this mask was extremely hydrating and maybe wasn’t the best one to use in the middle of summer. I wish I had waited until the winter to try this out as I feel my skin would have liked the extra hydration and nourishment, but I couldn’t resist the judgemental baby.

You can find the JM Solution Mama Pureness Firming Up Mask at various Asian beauty retailers!

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